Dicky Kwong

When Dicky was a secondary school student, he was a fan of Japanese animation and online games, just like all of his friends at that time. However, he soon started to become bored with the unreal world and the repetitive storylines of these products after he became a senior at secondary school. Soon, it was the 90s Britpop music being played on the radio that drew his attentions. Then he started to explore the worlds of alternate and indie music. His favorite musicians and bands are Bruce Springsteen, Arcade Fire, Suede and Manic Street Preachers. It was Springsteen’s music that encouraged him to pursue his goal to working in the live show organization business. As a result, he applied to work at The Underground.

初中時期Dicky和其他朋友一樣熱愛電玩和動漫,但是到了中四左右的時間卻突然對這些虛構的世界和少年動漫中差不多的情節生厭。就在這時,他多收聽了電台的音樂節目,被90年代英倫搖滾散發著的頹廢感深深吸引,自此之後, 由英倫音樂開始在另類音樂這個範疇不斷發掘。Dicky最喜愛的音樂人和樂團包括: Bruce Springsteen,Arcade Fire,Suede和Manic Street Preachers。亦是Bruce Springsteen筆下那為生活營役但失落夢想的年青人鼓勵了他追逐自己的目標,就是參與組織樂隊表演工作,所以應徵了The Underground。

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