Ewa was born in Poland and came to Hong Kong in 1993 for three months and well somehow, she’s still here. Her recording passion began when she was working for a multimedia company and her boss dumped a newly purchased video camera on the desk sputtering “Now, learn this!”. She took up the challenge and it became first a job, then a hobby, while she tested her equipment from the driest Atacama Desert, through the highest Salt Flats of Bolivia, to the adventure packed rain forests of South East Asia, etc, etc…yes, you get it, she loves to travel. And now, filming is her passion.

Ewa is currently running her own education and production company, Infinity Productions, and is only too delighted when her students share her video passion, encouraging them to look through the lens and roll. She has also worked on documentaries, promotional and event videos. Ewa joined The Underground team after having lunch with Chris B one day and agreeing to stay up later than she would have normally liked, to in order to film the Hong Kong Music Scene. She’s only too encouraged by her husband who has been trying to educate her musically for years.


Ewa出身於波蘭,於1993年來到香港。當她在一間媒體公司工作時,因她司拿著一部新的攝錄機對她說:「學會它吧!」她於是接觸到攝製工作,攝製工作更漸漸地成為她的興趣。 她更到世界各地旅遊及拍攝錄影。現時,Ewa正運行自己的教育及製作公司,名為Infinity Productions。她的學生經常跟她分享,她也常鼓勵她們。Ewa也有做紀錄片,宣傳錄影。在一次與Chris B的午餐後,Ewa加入The Underground,為音樂活動錄影,紀錄香港的音樂。

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