Music enlightenment came pretty early for Karen, who grew up with a music junkie of a dad, surrounded by thousands of CDs (no, really) and indoctrinated by the incessantly blaring tones of The Beatles, U2, The Stone Roses and the likes from the hifi system. One of her earliest memories is stumbling into the living room and staring into the TV, mesmerised by the image of kids lining up to be turned into human sausages to the haunting cries of “Hey! Teachers! Leave those kids alone!” in the Another Brick in the Wall. But what really got it all started was her brother introducing her to A Little Piece of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold; since then, she dived head first into rock and never looked back. But her appetite for live music is insatiable, and when she came across the Underground Facebook page one summer day in 2013, she thought, if she was going to all these shows anyways, she might as well work at them. This was how she began managing social media, designing publications, writing occasional music reviews, and being very confused counting money at the door for Underground shows. When Karen’s not busy being a literature and law student at HKU, she sings professionally and exclusively in the shower.


受狂熱愛音樂的父親影響,Karen在小時候已經受到不少的啓發;她對音樂最早的回憶是小時和弟弟走出廳外,看到爸爸在電視上播放Pink Floyd的Another Brick In the Wall 的MV,一位位的小朋友在”Hey! Teachers! Leave those kids alone!”的呼唱下變成人肉腸的影像深深印烙在她記憶。雖然自小已受The Beatles, U2,The Stone Roses等搖滾音樂的灌輸,但真正令她愛上樂隊文化的卻是Avenged Sevenfold的A Little Piece Of Heaven。2013年暑假,她在Facebook消磨時間時突然看到The Underground的Facebook Page,她便對自己說,反正空餘時間都是在找騷看,不如直接做騷的搞手吧,那不更好玩?她便開始於The Underground 工作,負責管理社交媒體,製作設計,音樂評論等。Karen現為香港大學文學及法律學生,洗澡時可稱得上是職業歌手。

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