Keenan Manning

A youth spent in Lan Kwai Fong listening to the same Black Eyed Peas and 50 Cent songs night after night will drive a person to do some crazy things, like study business. Flitting back and forth between the peace and quiet of Hong Kong and the hectic pace of Australia, Keenan would whinge at inordinate length about the music of today. Until . . .

Keenan stumbled upon The Underground one day while surfing the internet for something completely unrelated, and immediately realised how much he hated his job and wanted to get in on the Underground action. After a few months of spamming Chris B’s email, she eventually caved in and found him a few things to do to shut him up. Keenan now does marketing-related stuff, as well as anything else that needs doing. His aim in life is to one day see Hong Kong original music elevated to its rightful place atop the world stage, nothing too ambitious.


Keenan在網絡上碰上The Underground, 即時感到自己本來的工作很討厭,並立即加入The Underground。他在The Underground 中做市場推廣有關工作,也會做其他與市場推廣不相關工作。他希望有一天能看見香港本地音樂晉升為世界級標準。

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