Kei Ho

Kei has been in love with indie music since high school, she thought that music is part of her daily entertainment. In 2015, she got a chance to become a director of a music video for ShumKing Mansion, and moved closer to the music scene in Hong Kong.
In the summer of 2015, Kei sent an e-mail to The Underground HK applying for an internship and that’s how Kei and Chris B met. Now, Kei is responsible for sound mixing, video shooting and editing for The Underground.

Kei 直都以為音樂只是她生活中娛樂的一部分。直到2015年,她在一次偶然的機會下認識了樂隊ShumKing Mansion,成為了他們一首歌曲MV的導演,Kei開始嘗試接觸有關音樂的拍攝工
作。2015年盛夏,Kei「膽粗粗」地傳了電郵到The Underground HK 當實習生,就這樣就跟Chris B認識了。

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