Prada Leung

In 1999, on the way home on a mini school van, a little girl sat patiently at the first single window seat but her heart was captured by the stereo sound. It was Brandy & Monica’s The Boy Is Mine. Of course, she didn’t know about it then. But the driver saw that little girl bobbing to the music and so offered her a copy of the CD. Since then, at the age of 5, the 1999 Grammy Award Nominees becomes her first ever album and audio bible. Simply like that, she falls in love with music (and English language). That little girl is Prada.

Prada later studied English literature in college and she still loves all types of music, even those by Russolo. (If you know who that is, you must be as weird as she is! Haha!) As a big fan of The Maine, she has their album name ‘Pioneer’ tattooed on her left forearm, believing that she can be one too. Just one day magically, she learnt about The Underground and that’s how her Underground adventure began. Prada has had a plenty of odd jobs and many identities. She is a writer, poet, translator, online radio host, waitress, office/exhibition assistant and also an event management assistant for Chris, sometimes even as a cameraman! Because of The Underground, she gains a lot of opportunities and insight of Hong Kong indie music scene, with addition to her other volunteer work for Wholala. What’s more, she has a clearer goal in life now and she is working her way to be a theatre stage member (from the back and maybe to the front someday). Also lately she is obsessed with all sorts of comedy and still opening her heart to any kinds of fun and challenges.

一九九九年,在放學回家的校巴上,有一個小妹妹靜靜地坐在窗邊前排的單人座椅上,而她的心卻已被校巴上廣播著的音樂俘虜走了。播著的是Brandy & Monica的The Boy Is Mine。 當然她並不知道那首歌,也不知道在唱什麼。不過司機叔叔見這位小妹妹好像很享受地搖頭擺腦,於是拷貝了那張CD給她。從那時開始,1999 Grammy Award Nominees合輯就成為了這位五歲小朋友擁有的第一張唱片和音樂聖經。就這樣,她就愛上了音樂 (和英文)。這個小妹妹就是Prada。

Prada後來在大學就讀英國文學,仍然喜歡所有類型的音樂,甚至Russolo的「音樂」。(如果你知道這人是誰,你一定也跟她一樣古怪﹗哈哈﹗)身為The Maine的頭號粉絲,她在她的左前臂上紋了他們的專輯名Pioneer,同時也相信自己也會成為一個Pioneer。就在某奇妙的一天,她發現了The Underground,從始展開她的Underground歷險。Prada做過很多不同的工作,也有多重身份。她是個作家、詩人、翻譯員、網台主持、侍應、辦工室/展覽助理,當然還有是Chris的活動助理,有時甚至是攝影師﹗因為加入了The Underground之後,她獲得了更多的機會,在為Wholala當義務工作以外對香港的獨立音樂有更深一層了解。除此之外,現在她對人生有更清楚的目標,努力向著舞台的方向走,由幕後甚至可能有一天走到幕前也不定。最近她沉迷於所有類型的喜劇,同時不忘保持開放的心接受不同的樂趣和挑戰。

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