Semi Leung

‘Semi’ is a Japanese name, it is different from the English meaning. The meaning of ‘Semi’ is the same as her Chinese name ‘Sim’ and that both these words mean ‘cicada’.

Semi has loved music since she was small. She was a member of a Chinese orchestra for 10 years. She has loved Japanese music since secondary school, and loves many bands and many genres from these school days. Semi is interested in many instruments like acoustic & electric guitar, flute, drums, piano etc. She can play all of them but is not proficient in any of them.. She is studying Asian and International Studies, but she doesn’t want to develop her career in this aspect.

Semi believes that people should have meaningful lives rather than only be concerned about material things. She thinks that it is so happy and lucky to have a dream in one’s life time. Although some others may not find their dream in their life time, they can still have a meaningful life. Semi discovered The Underground one night when she was confusing herself on the ways that she could achieve her dream. She immediately applied to be an intern, and found a chance to make her dream come true. Besides lending a hand in the local music area whenever and however she can, she also wants to make more friends who share her love of music and who love to play music through The Underground. Semi wants to know more about music and band culture, and her end goal is to finally to become a performing Hong Kong musician.



Semi認為人應該要生「活」多於生「存」,要重視意義多於物質。她認為有夢想的人生非常幸福和幸運。雖然世上有很多人未能在人生中找到自己的夢想,但每個人都可以令自己的生命有意義。Semi在某一晚對於自己的夢想感到迷茫時無意中發現The Underground便立即申請為實習生,然後在The Underground中看見實現自己夢想的機會。她希望在The Underground認識更多喜歡和做獨立音樂的朋友,並希望認識更多音樂型態和樂隊文化,為本地獨立音樂出一分力。

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