Shashwati “Shash” Kala

Straight out of the middle-class pallor of Mumbai, Shash approached the Chris B at an Underground show with a desire to do “something” to help out. “Something” turned out to be writing ultra-gonzo reviews and interviews and just generally making a nuisance of herself to keep bands on their feet. Which was great, after suffering through years of having to repress interests in rock music ’cause no one else knew who the hell she was talking about. She fancies herself as a career-endingly harsh critic, so try not to shatter that illusion. Mentioning obscure grunge or punk bands/Alice in Chains/Red Hot Chili Peppers is a great way to get into her good books (such as they are). Oh,and she also studies cell biology and philosophy on the side.


Shash在The Underground 的節目中首次接觸Chris B,並表示希望為The Underground幫忙。最後,她為The Underground 寫作ultra-gonzo回顧,訪問。Shash也是一個生物學及哲學學生。

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