Sheli Bowman

Whilst waiting for a piano lesson young Sheli discovered the joy of music when she put on her newest record and the teacher came screaming into the room yelling ‘MAD MUSIC, DEVIL’S MUSIC!’, which greatly added to its appeal. That was ‘78 and the record was ‘Never Mind the Bollocks here’s the Sex Pistols’.Growing up near San Francisco there was frequent opportunities to go to see live local and international bands. At one gig she was advised not to bother with the opening group, fortunately the advice wasn’t taken and U2 turned out to be pretty good after all. A few clashes with the Clash and she was well hooked.Sheli went to design college in LA and again there was a vibrant club scene, and she frequently attended gigs with Sonic Youth, Red Hot Chili Peppers and a plethora of other local bands. From there she started her career as an Art Director in Tokyo and drifted away from live music towards dance clubs with the boom of house music and the availability of various enjoyment enhancing substances.A couple decades on after Paris and Washington DC, Sheli cleaned up her act, is passionate about technical diving, and has enjoyed a successful international career as a glorified designer, focusing on strategic marketing. After noticing the decline of the design standard of her friend’s Underground posters she stepped in and reformatted them and except for a lapse from U69-74, has been doing the posters since U23. She is now working as a Branding & Marketing Consultant and can be reached at


Sheli在LA設計學院時參與當地不同樂隊的演出。後來,她便在東京擔任藝術總監,活躍於dance clubs. 若干年後, Sheli也熱衷於潛水,更擁有成功國際設計事業,主項為市場策略範圍。當她發現朋友設計的海報水平下降,她為The Underground 重新整理設計。她現為品牌及市場顧問,並可透過電郵design@sheli.com聯絡。

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