Sophie Lai

For most of her life Sophie reckoned that music ​was meant to be listened at home through a sound system, and what’s been making music has been the CDs. Until she went to University in England studying Communications and Music​! Then​ has she discovered that music truly belongs on stage, with live audiences accompanied by the ambience of a rather ill lit room, yet shone brightly with the passion of the performers partnered with the audiences’ hysteria! Back in Hong Kong, Sophie stumbled upon The Underground through the mix up of emails and luckily for her reached Chris B and started the life of an assistant! Sophie helps with a bit of everything from writing press releases to translation to sometimes being the first face you see at a concert collecting your money! Outside of work Sophie also enjoys reading, listening to music (such a cliché) and getting into a conversation about absolute randomness.

Sophie從小一直以為音樂最適合在家聆聽,在一個獨立的環境內細心欣賞。 亦覺得音樂只是從唱片中播放出!直到三年前, Sophie前往英國利物蒲進修,她才發現音樂應在現場欣賞及體會。在那暗暗的場所中,表演者的熱情及能量發光發亮,連同觀 眾的熱烈迴響為全場帶來光芒!返回香港,Sophie在一個「咁啱得咁穚」嘅情況底下與Chris B 認識,從此開展助理的生活。 她在各方面都儘量幫忙,橋寫媒體發佈,翻譯還有間中喺演出場地做「係咁問你攞D錢黎」嗰位人士。 工作以外Sophie亦享受閱讀,聽歌(好老套!)同埋咩都同人傾一餐!

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