Twinny Chong

Being the golden retriever (metaphorically) of Underground, Twinny is the Public Relations chick who smiles, giggles and greets her hoomans like it is going out of fashion.

Born and raised in Hong Kong and lived in the US and Australia, her useless trilingual skills have somehow enticed Chris B to offer her a role in translation and interpretation for newsletters and marketing materials.

She grew up as one of those rare Asian piano kids playing Bach, Mozart and Chopin since the age of 7. Her favourite genres, however, include jazz, blues, funk, soul, hip hop and the oldies. Also into vinyls, djembe and meditative stuff just to make herself appear more spiritual and hippie like Carole King.

打住 Underground 金毛尋回犬 (比喻) 嘅稱號,Twinny 係Underground 嘅公關,經常以微笑同傻笑去同佢嘅人類朋友們打交道以取得人心。

响香港出世同長大,又响美國同澳洲生活過,佢冇乜用嘅兩言三語能力竟然得到 Chris B 嘅信任,為Underground 翻譯同即時傳譯各種新聞稿同宣傳內容。

Twinny 由 7 歲開始就練習巴赫、莫札特同蕭邦嘅作品,係亞洲又一個多佢唔多、少佢又唔少嘅鋼琴兒童之一。不過佢鐘意嘅音樂類型就包括爵士樂、藍調、放克、靈魂樂、嘻哈同30年代老歌。興趣又包括黑膠唱片、非洲鼓同冥想音樂,都只不過係為咗令自己睇起嚟更加似Carole King 嘅嬉皮一族。

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