Vivek Mahbubani

Vivek Mahbubani is an award-winning new media designer and developer who specializes in web solutions. He is also the drummer of a metal band called Eve of Sin and is also a bi-lingual stand-up comedian at TakeOut Comedy. Being a freelancer, Vivek’s schedule is both in and out of control much like his love for music and comedy and this allows him to devote his time and effort to The Underground website as well as find himself bouncing around at shows to all sorts of tunes.


Vivek Mahbubani 是一名新晉媒體設計師,更曾獲獎項。他擅長發展新媒體及解決網頁問題。他是自由工作者,於重金屬樂隊Eve of Sin擔任鼓手,也是TakeOut Comedy的喜劇演員。他在The Underground 網頁的貢獻上功不可沒。

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