Vivian Yeung

Vivian was first introduced to the world of “good” music when her angsty teen self stumbled upon Radiohead’s album “OK Computer” and subsequently fell in love with their entire discography (well, most of it, anyway). The band remains very dear to her heart today, but since then she’s been digging deeper and deeper into the abyss that is alternative/indie music, and no matter how late she stays up every night, she still complains about not having enough time for music. From post-punk to Britpop to post-rock to indie pop, she enjoys pretty much all genres but is primarily a shoegazer and dreampopper who spends much of her time immersed in noisy distorted walls of sound that would probably make the average person cringe. A literature and law student at the University of Hong Kong who’s neither particularly interested in becoming a lawyer nor that well-versed in the law, she now does reviews, translations, communications and helps organise shows at the Underground. On an off day you can either find her dancing at some show, or rummaging through record stores while gazing wistfully at LPs she wishes she could afford.

故事要從《OK Computer》開始說起。不甘平凡的Vivian在偶然的機會下發現了該專輯,並迷上Radiohead。從此,她注定走一條不平坦的路,發掘更多另類及獨立音樂。她一直於尋找音樂的道路上越走越遠,同時亦越來越不能自拔。不論是post-punk、Britpop、post-rock或indie pop,她都有涉足過。然而,她作為一個瞪鞋客(shoegazer),將大部分時間淹沒於噪音音牆的旋渦中,可能會令旁人感到吃不消。雖然Vivian現於香港大學修讀文學及法律雙學位,但比起當律師,她更熱衷於寫樂評、翻譯及幫助The Underground舉辦音樂會。也許,某個晚上你會於一場gig碰見她在台下伴著音樂輕舞,或者在唱片鋪裏遇到她在悵望那些自己負擔不起的黑膠碟吧。

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