AKIRA interview AKIRA訪問

Interview conducted by Tonmy Lam. 由Tonmy Lam訪問

We’re delighted we got a chance to interview AKIRA, the Japanese performer.  Although she is known for being very cool, during the interview, she showed us her cute side! 


1. 妳剛在臺灣及內地都舉行了表演,你認為兩地的有什麼不同之處?
Akira, you have performed both in Mainland China and Taiwan, what is the difference between fans from Mainland China and Taiwan?

This is Akira’s first overseas tour and she found the fans from Taiwan and China are totally different.  “As I was performing in a music festival in Taiwan, there was around 10 thousand people in the audience, also the stage was very big, the audience are very passionate as well.  Then in Wenzhou, I was playing in a bar. It felt like I was playing in a nightclub.   Since then, I have been interested to perform in more clubs.”


Compared to your debut with DISACODE,what do you think about your solo music debut and your career with DISACODE?

Although I started my career with DISACODE first, I feel both were starting together.


Since you have completed half of your Asian tour, what was the most memorable thing during the tour?

Akira told us that the most memorable thing was that lots of Taiwanese fans had posted lots of warm messages on her Facebook page, this made a profound impression on her and is deeply memorable.

Which song is the most impressive among your musical works?

AKIRA thinks her debut single Aoki Tsuki Michite (蒼き月満ちて)is the most impressive one among all her music work, because this was the most meaningful work to herself and also the most important work.

Any job you would like to try?




Any singer or band you would like to collaborate with?

Eir Aoi


kokyu_web.jpg 7.有甚麼樂器特別想學?
Any instrument you want to learn?

胡弓 Kokyū 



Apart from performing in Asia, have you considered performing in some music festivals in Europe?
“If there is a chance, I would love to perform in Europe and taste the local food there, in particular potato!”

AKIRA hopes that there will be more people who will recognize her and like her music in the future and she hopes her fans will continue to support her and her music!


Photos照片by Tonmy Lam

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