Interview with Hong Kong musician – CircleGuitar

15th June 2022

Q: Hey CircleGuitar! How are you doing?

CircleGuitar: Well! 😀

Q: We’ve noticed you’re making a lot of Instagram reels. How did you get started with that?

CircleGuitar: I didn’t think much of Instagram reels at first. There are a lot of great songs, so I filmed and shared them on the Internet, and then kept trying different styles.

Q: What inspires you for your Instagram reels?

CircleGuitar: I think making reels is a little different than YouTube or Cover, because it’s more interactive. In addition to likes and comments, viewers can add their own elements and interact with my videos anytime and anywhere, so the finished product after mixing is very creative.

Q: Have you noticed any changes in your followers since you started making reels?

CircleGuitar: The number of followers has increased by several thousand in just two months. Inbox messages and comments has increased too. Now I receive many sweet words of encouragement every day. To a certain extent, it has become my motivation for shooting.

Q: What was the weirdest or strangest comment you ever got in response to a reel?

CircleGuitar: Not that I know of, most of them are positive comments.

Q: To help inspire other Hong Kong bands, could you tell us what are the preparations needed to make a good reel?
What is involved in promoting the reels?

CircleGuitar: To make a reel, you can use tens of thousands of dollars of equipment to shoot a short video, you can also use a phone, or some low-price cameras to shoot; a good reel, in addition to having good content and perseverance, and most importantly, you should have self-confidence, and believe that your work has value. Besides, don’t be afraid to learn new things so that you can break out of your own box and make a good video.

Thank you CircleGuitar for your time. We would love to have you come back to perform at The Underground in the future.

Musician | 低産量嘅Singer-song Writer | 好懶嘅illustrator | 勁厚面皮嘅Dreamer | 偽Dancer

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