Interview with Loud Shaft, winners of Planetrox China 2018. Planetrox 2018 中國區冠軍 ── Loud Shaft特約訪談

We at the Underground recently had the pleasure of interviewing Loud Shaft, the winners of Planetrox China 2018. The four man band (Alter Limbu (Vox), Sajan Gurung (guitar), Binay Gurung (Bass) and Ab Gurung (Drums)) were not only a great band with wonderful personalities but also a minority representative from Hong Kong with all four of the band members being Nepalese Hongkongers. We wanted to know more about their daily lives, inspirations and expectations for their upcoming performance at Envol et Macadam.
今次UNDERGROUND有機會與本年度Planetrox 2018 中國區冠軍Loud Shaft做訪問。Loud Shaft4位成員包括Alter Limbu (主音),Sajan Gurung(結他手),Binay Gurung(低音結他手)和Ab Gurung(鼓手),每位成員各具特色,更是香港少數族裔的成功代表因為他們都是尼泊爾裔香港人。今次訪問涵蓋成員的日常生活,以及他們對在Envol et Macadam表演的期盼。

You can read our previous coverage/reviews of the band here.
—-你亦可以透過以下連結閱讀我們之前與這個Planetrox China Final勝出樂隊的訪問。

Hi Loud Shaft! 你好,Loud Shaft

Again, congratulations for winning this year’s Planetrox China Final!  We want to know about your background – we’ve already heard your music and know how amazing that is but we’d like to know more about you outside of your music (and I’m sure your fans would too)
再一次恭喜你們成為Planetrox 2018 中國區冠軍。在欣賞完你們精彩的演出和音樂之後,大家都想知道更多你們的背景,以及音樂以外的你們(相信你們的樂迷都會吧
So here’s a few questions to get us going: 訪問內容如下:

How did you meet and how long have you been playing together?
Our guitarist, drummer and vocalist met in their day jobs. Later on, we got to know about the bassist through other friends and got together. We have been playing together almost like 5 years now.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Sajan (Guitar): Rage Against the Machine
結他手Sajan:Rage Against the Machine
Ab (Drums): Slipknot
Binay (Bass): Rage Against the Machine
低音結他手Binay:Rage Against the Machine
Alter (Vox): Rage Against the Machine
主音Alter:Rage Against the Machine


What is the ultimate goal of the band?

Our ultimate goal is to inspire our young generation to keep the Rock and Roll scene alive.

I understand that your whole band are Nepalese, would you consider yourself more from Nepal or HK? Were all of you raised here or did you move from Nepal over.
We may be Nepalese by nationality but as a band we consider ourselves more from HK because our band was formed/born in Hongkong and we did everything as a band here itself.

We all moved from Nepal.
Follow up: Do you have anything to say to your fellow Nepalese-Hongkongers as the band who represents HK at Envol?
Yes, we want to let our fellow Nepalese-Hongkongers to know that if you guys are in the field of music or you want to be a musician, give it your 100%. Don’t be afraid to show people what you have whether it’s good or bad. If you are good enough then for sure you’ll be where we are someday.

At the Envol et Macadam festival you’ll get to play along some pretty big names like
​Propagandhi. What would be your ideal top-5 lineup?
你們將會與一些著名樂隊一起於Envol et Macadam festival演出,如Propagandhi。誰會是你們的最佳陣容?

The line-up would be Red Hot chili peppers, Lamb of God, Pantera, Slipknot, Rage Against the Machine
我們的最佳陣容會是Red Hot chili peppers,Lamb of God,Pantera 和Rage Against the Machine。

What’s going to happen now that you’re going on tour to Canada?

Of course there will be a lot of practice to make ourselves better and compose more good songs because as we are representing Hongkong at Envol et Macadam, we want to make sure that they’ll remember the 4 crazy dudes from Hongkong.
我們已經加緊練習,期望將更好的表現和歌曲帶到當地,因為我們是代表香港在Envol et Macadam表演。我們希望觀眾記得這4個來自香港的「瘋」小子。

What do you hope to achieve there?

We would like to give out the messages in our songs to more crowd and people, and hope they would like it. That would be a great achievement for us.

Who was the first person you told about winning Planetrox China?

We called our family for sure.

If you could collaborate with one local band who would it be? / why?
We would like to collaborate with Two Finger Salute because we like their music and the way they play. Loud and aggressive just like us I guess.
我們很想跟Two Finger Salute合作因為我們喜愛他們的音樂及風格。像我們一樣吵和激進。

What do you guys do when you’re not practicing/performing? And (since you said you wanted to involve more young people), how would you recommend balancing day jobs with performing?

We would probably be chilling with friends, haha or hiking maybe but we don’t know what we would be doing as we are always practicing in our leisure periods.

Well, we can’t exactly say how to balance that but if you are dedicated to music or have keen interest on getting better thenor sure you’ll automatically know how to do that.
What is your favourite moment on stage/ off stage as a band?

The moment on stage would be interacting with the crowd and looking at each other’s nervous faces and laughing. Offstage, chilling with each other and joking around.

What is your toughest moment as a band?
The toughest moment as a band would be writing new stuffs because we don’t get much time together at all.
If you could combine with any band in the world and make a supergroup which band would it be and what would you be called?
Rage Against the Machine for sure. We would like to call ourselves Loud Rage.
一定是Rage Against the Machine。我們會叫 ‘Loud Rage’。

What would you be if you weren’t musicians?
Sajan (Guitar): A football player
Ab (Drums): Nothing at all
Binay (Bass): A good son
Alter (Vox): I would be travelling

What are your favourite songs to sing in the shower?
Sajan (Guitar): Bhanai, Binay
結他手Sajan:Bhanai, Binay
Ab (Drums): Mooskan
Binay (Bass): Cemetery Gates
低音結他手Binay:Cemetery Gates
Alter (Vox): Gangnam Style
主音Alter:Gangnam Style

You don’t have much social media presence. Is there any reason for this?
Well to tell the truth, we are not very socially active people in person. We don’t know why that is but we are trying to improve that.

What are the roles of each member in the band? (e.g. the funny one, the leader, the slacker etc..)
We all are mostly funny and comedians joking around. We don’t think we have a certain role.

If you had to swap instruments in the band, what would you pick?

Sajan (Guitar): Drums
Ab (Drums): Bass
Binay (Bass): Flute
Alter (Vox): Drums

Please describe your band within 2 words.

The two word that describe our band is Loud Shaft hahaha
這兩個字就是。。。Loud Shaft !哈哈哈
Do you plan on recording any albums any time soon?
Yes, actually we were planning on our EP release this year but a bit of a change in the plan to do the first album directly. So, we’ll be releasing our album in the end of the year or may be first of 2019.

Interviewed by Cyril Ma

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