Interview with NastyDudes, winners of Planetrox China 2017. Planetrox 2017中國區冠軍 ── NastyDudes特約訪談

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Q1: How did you meet and how long have you been playing together? ​NastyDudes組隊多久?你們是怎樣認識的?​

Basically we have been playing together for almost 3 years and NastyDudes is a hard rock band which originated from Los Angeles, 2013. Terry and Kim were pursuing advanced studies in a Musician Institute. They created a two-man band called “Nasty Brothers” and explored their music in a local singing contest. With the determination to revolutionize the music industry, they established a full band after getting in touch with Poon and Chiu in September 2014.
組了三年多了,我們是在2013年於美國洛杉磯成立的一隊重型搖滾樂隊。當時成員Terry及Kim正在一間音樂學院進修,於是他們組了一隊名叫”Nasty Brothers”的二人樂隊,去參加當地一場歌唱比賽,探索他們的音樂。其後憑著對音樂事業的堅持和執著,他們之後找來新成員Poon及Chiu,於2014年組成現在的”NastyDudes”。

Q2: If you could collaborate with one local band who would it be? / Why? 最想和哪隊本地樂隊合作?為甚麼?​

Must Be LMF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because they are awesome and they are one of the Hong Kong Legends. 一定是LMF!!!!!! 因為他們很捧,是其中一個香港傳奇。


Q3: If you could combine with any band in the world and make a supergroup which band would it be and what would you call it? 如果可以和世界上任何一隊樂隊合二為一,你們最想和哪隊結合?Band名會叫甚麼?

Black Stone Cherry and it will be called Black Nasty Cherry YEAH!!!!!! Black Stone Cherry,然後我們會叫Black Nasty Cherry YEAH!!!!

Q4: Who are your biggest musical influences? 影響你們最深的音樂人是?​

We think that Black Stone Cherry is the biggest musical influence to us, and here is our answer separately 影響我們全隊最深的一定是Black Stone Cherry,對個別來說則是下列幾位:
Terry: Myles Kennedy/ Eason Chan 陳奕迅
Poon: Black Stone Cherry
Kim: Slash/ Eason Chan 陳奕迅
Warren: Metallica/ Eason Chan 陳奕迅

Q5: What are your favourite songs to sing in the shower? 你們洗澡時最愛唱甚麼歌?​

Terry: Eason Chan 陳奕迅 – 天下無雙
Poon: NastyDudes – You Can’t Stop Me
Kim: NastyDudes – You Can’t Stop Me
Warren: Bruno Mars – When I was your man

Q6: At the Envol et Macadam festival you’ll get to play along with some pretty big names like ​Propagandhi; what would be your ideal top-5 lineup?
在Envol et Macadam音樂節中,你將會和很多知名樂隊如Propagandhi同台演出,你們理想中的五大陣容是哪些樂隊?

Black Stone Cherry, Slash X Myles Kennedy, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Bruno Mars

Q7: What do you hope to achieve in Canada? 你們在加拿大有甚麼想要實踐的目標嗎?​

The first thing must be to give a great show to the Canadian audience. We are also planning to record 2 songs in Montreal and find a photographer to take some new photos.

Q8: What would you be if you weren’t musicians? 如果不做樂手的話,你們會變成甚麼?​

Terry: Homeless 無家可歸
Poon: Chef 廚師
Kim: Music Teacher 音樂老師
Warren: Be a event planner, cause my main job is a event planner 活動策劃,這是我本來的工作

Q9: Who was the first person you told about winning Planetrox ​China 201​7? 你們把勝出Planetrox China 2017這消息第一個向誰人分享?

Terry: Girlfriend 女朋友
Poon: Family 家人
Kim: Family 家人
Warren: My Family 家人

Q10: What is your favourite moment on stage/ off stage as a band? 台上或台下,你們最喜歡、最享受的是哪個時刻?​

The favorite moment on stage is to interact with the audience; favorite moment off stage is chilling with the audience with beer and alcohol, or smoke together. Nice !!! 在台上最享受與觀眾互動,台下就是跟觀眾喝啤酒或一起吸煙。爽 !!!

IMG_1596.jpg Q11: What is the toughest moment as a band? 最艱難的是哪個時刻?​

Waiting to go on stage. ‘Cause every time we join a competition, we are the last band to perform hahahahaha. 在後台準備上台的一刻,不知為何我們總是最後一隊上台的參賽隊伍。哈哈哈。

Q12: Please describe your band within 2 words. 請用兩個詞語來形容一下你們的樂隊。​

Must be “Nasty Dudes” because we are NastyDudes. 一定是”Nasty Dudes”,因為我們就是 NastyDudes。

Q13: What are the roles of each member in the band? (e.g. the funny one, the leader, the slacker etc..) 樂隊中每一位成員的角色是甚麼? (例如: 有趣的一員、領導、偷懶的傢伙等等)​

Basically we don’t have a leader in our band. If we really need to separate our roles, it would be Terry for the lyrics, Kim for the instruments, Poon for the technical support, Chiu for the external issue. 基本上我們沒有隊長這個角色。如果真的要分,Terry負責寫歌詞,Kim編樂器,Poon是技術支援,而Chiu負責對外事務。

Q14: If you had to swap instruments in the band, what would you pick? 如果要跟你們樂隊成員對調崗位的話,你們會如何選擇?​

Terry: Drummer 鼓手
Poon: Bass 貝斯手
Kim: Keyboard 琴手
Chiu: Vocal 主唱

Q16: What is the ultimate goal of the band? 樂隊的終極目標是甚麼?​

World Tour (hahaha) and change the atmosphere of Hong Kong music culture. 世界巡迴 (哈哈哈) 及改變香港這個音樂行業文化的風氣。

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