The Underground 與 位於蘭桂坊的Rula Live 將於 2 月 25 日星期六舉行第八場的Rulapalooza!


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    The Underground 和 Rula Live 將於 2 月 25 日星期六在蘭桂坊的 Rula Live 延續他們多年來合作的現場音樂會,今次的 Rulapalooza 為香港喜歡現場音樂的朋友帶來一次難忘的現場體驗。


    The Underground and Rula Live continue their electric collaboration on Saturday, February 25 at Rula Live in Lan Kwai Fong, with an eight edition of Rulapalooza that promises to thrill local live music lovers.
    Rulapalooza is a word-play on a well-known festival name 🙂

    Featuring 演出:
    ADD9 (indie rock)
    THE ORIGIN (pop rock)
    GRAVITY (hard rock / metal)
    WHAT THEY DO (alternative metal)
    RADIO RESURGENCE (rock n roll)

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