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Throwback Sunday!


Twelve years ago, The Underground held its first Electronica night. We even gave away tickets to the Brett Anderson concert that we organised. Wonder where those electronica guys are now? 12年前Underground 舉行了第一次電子音樂主題的表演,我們還在Brett Anderson個人演唱會中派發表演入場券。究竟呢班電子音樂演出單位現在怎樣呢?

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New single release


Read Cyril’s in-depth review of all-girl band Fiester’s single “Various”

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Survey Results


Musicians Foundation research shows the Government’s shutdown of live entertainment for over 18 months has left one-third of Hong Kong music industry personnel in debt.
New survey reveals over half of local music industry workers have suffered from anxiety and depression

More than 560 days of being unable to work because of restrictions on live performances has left one-third of Hong Kong music industry personnel in debt and over half suffering from anxiety and depression, according to a survey from the Musicians Foundation.

音樂人基金會的問卷調查顯示,政府關閉現場表演超過 18 個月,有三分之一的香港音樂行業人員負債累累。新調查顯示有超過半數本地音樂行業從業者受焦慮和抑鬱困擾。

根據音樂人基金會的一項調查指出,由於現場表演受到限制,超過 560 天無法運作,導致三分之一的香港音樂行業從業員負債累累,超過一半的受訪者表示感到焦慮和抑鬱。

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Music Industry People! 香港音樂界的朋友!


We are compiling a survey to collect data on how Covid restrictions have affected your life. The survey will run until 19th June (Sunday) 11:59pm
Please complete and share with your colleagues and friends in the industry. Thank you!


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New EP review


Cyril deep dives into reviewing Zack Calixtus’ EP Nathan Flows – check it out! Cyril 剛剛為 Zack Calixtus 的新EP做了音樂評論,立即睇吓啦

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New song review published. Check it out! 最新的歌曲評論已經出版,一齊入去睇睇!

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8 Years Ago Today 8年前今天


8 years ago today, we held our first big outdoor festival to celebrate 10 years of The Underground. We are all still in awe to think that we had ToNick, Supper Moment, Bamboo Star, DR.EGGS, HEY JOE TRIO, Shotgun Politics, noughts and exes (RIP Joshua Wong) as well as Galaxy Express from Korea, all in ONE night!! 8年前今天,我們辦了第一個戶外音樂節,慶祝The Underground的第一個10年。回想起來,怎相信可以一個晚上集合ToNick,Supper Moment,Bamboo Star, Dr.Eggs,Hey Joe Trio,Shotgun Politics,Noughts & Exes (RIP Joshua)和來自南韓的Galaxy Express!

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New Song Review!


We reviewed Andy is typing…’s newest song Promise. Check it out!
我們剛剛出版了 Andy is Typing 的最新歌曲「答應我要好好的過 (再也不⾒版) 」的音樂評論

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