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Come on a fabulously flamboyant rock ‘n’ roll journey with Underground Rocks on February 4, 2023.

Join us on a dazzling trip up and down the fretboard as The Underground salutes all things ROCK!

The 2023 edition of Underground Rocks will showcase four Hong Kong bands who will take the audience on an epic and exciting rock ‘n’ roll road trip.

Kicking off the show is Whitt’s End, a pop-punk trio, performing high-energy rock.

Next up is The Lemon Ones, whose retro psychedelic rock tones won them the ‘best champion’ title at the HKFYG Youth Band Sound Competition.

Delinquent quintet The Ferals play original hard rock with a steamy slice of post-punk.

The icing on the rock cake is Diamond 6, poised to close the show with their superb, no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll mayhem.

Secure your ticket now. ! Early bird ticketing ends January 15, 2023.

Thank you for supporting original music in Hong Kong!

Event information 活動信息:

等我哋一齊响2023年2月4 號晚嚟一場瘋狂搖滾之旅啦。

2023年度嘅「Underground Rocks 」將會帶嚟四支香港本地樂隊,引領各位Band友踏上一場瘋狂嘅搖滾之旅。

開場有流行龐克/搖滾三重奏Whitt’s End,帶俾大家高能量嘅搖滾。

跟住有贏得香港青年協會青年樂隊比賽最佳樂隊嘅The Lemon Ones,獻上復古迷幻嘅搖滾音色。

再嚟有調皮跳脫嘅五重奏The Ferals,帶嚟活潑生鬼嘅後龐克風格原創硬搖滾。

响呢個搖滾蛋糕上面再錦上添花嘅有型格樂隊Diamond 6為大家帶嚟「唔講咁多,留意聽歌」嘅重型搖滾樂,為大家當晚劃上完美嘅句號。

一齊嚟同The Underground 跳返晚,向所有「Rock嘢」致敬啦!

早鳥票賣到1 月 15 號咋。咪咁慢喇,快啲買飛啦。


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Rulapalooza #7


Rulapalooza #7 welcomes 2023 with a showcase that brings you some of the most dynamic bands from the Hong Kong scene.

Opening the night, NANA, an all girl Japanese band, will put you into the rock n roll frame of mind for partying all night long.

Second act, After Tales, a newly formed local band will mesmerise you with their fresh and sweet tunes.
Musčat then steps up to the plate with effervescent bubblegum pop, bursting with bright melodies to up the ante and continuing the party.
Speaking of blues, Bluesymen will usher in the midnight hour with shimmering rhythms & beats.

Bring your lover, your bestie, your worst enemy even – whoever they are, strap on your dancing shoes and rock up for yet another classic evening of live music with The Underground and Rula Live!

Rulapalooza #7 將會响2023年第一炮,聚集本地最具風格同活力嘅樂隊,帶俾你一個愉快難忘嘅晚上。
活動當晚開場,有全女班組合NANA為大家帶嚟勁度十足嘅日本和風搖滾樂;跟住有新晉本地樂隊After Tales清新甜美嘅曲調令大家耳目一新;之後係Musčat獻上輕快嘅口香糖流行音樂,保證令現場氣氛high到另一個層次。最後有藍調樂隊Bluesymen响午夜以淡淡憂怨而又鮮明嘅節奏令大家忘記所有嘅傷心同失意。
即管帶埋你嘅男女朋友、死黨甚至係你嘅仇人都好,唔好諗咁多喇,一齊嚟The Underground嘅Rula Live跳返一晚啦!

Rulapalooza #7
Saturday 14th January 2023年1月14日 (星期六)
8:30pm – 1am
Rula Live, G/F, 58-62 D’Aguilar St, Lan Kwai Fong, Central 中環蘭桂坊德己立街 58-62號
HOTLINE 查詢電話: (852) 9486 4648

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18th Anniversary Party tomorrow!


In 18 years, we’ve reviewed 600+ Hong Kong bands, had over 250+ shows, we’ve watched teen bands turn into 30-something bands and we’ve seen bands go from terrible debuts to headliners that we can no longer afford to book! Come along tomorrow Saturday 19th November, to see some of the best bands in HK in an intimate setting at Rula Live.


聽晚11月19號記得一齊嚟 Rula Live 近距離咁支持我哋呢班香港最優秀嘅本地音樂人啦!

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New song review


We published a review of ToNick’s song Photosynthesis (光合作用)

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New song review


We have a review of per se’s new song “在生”.
我們剛剛出版了 per se 的新歌 「在生」的樂評

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Throwback Sunday!


Twelve years ago, The Underground held its first Electronica night. We even gave away tickets to the Brett Anderson concert that we organised. Wonder where those electronica guys are now? 12年前Underground 舉行了第一次電子音樂主題的表演,我們還在Brett Anderson個人演唱會中派發表演入場券。究竟呢班電子音樂演出單位現在怎樣呢?

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New single release


Read Cyril’s in-depth review of all-girl band Fiester’s single “Various”

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Survey Results


Musicians Foundation research shows the Government’s shutdown of live entertainment for over 18 months has left one-third of Hong Kong music industry personnel in debt.
New survey reveals over half of local music industry workers have suffered from anxiety and depression

More than 560 days of being unable to work because of restrictions on live performances has left one-third of Hong Kong music industry personnel in debt and over half suffering from anxiety and depression, according to a survey from the Musicians Foundation.

音樂人基金會的問卷調查顯示,政府關閉現場表演超過 18 個月,有三分之一的香港音樂行業人員負債累累。新調查顯示有超過半數本地音樂行業從業者受焦慮和抑鬱困擾。

根據音樂人基金會的一項調查指出,由於現場表演受到限制,超過 560 天無法運作,導致三分之一的香港音樂行業從業員負債累累,超過一半的受訪者表示感到焦慮和抑鬱。

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