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Want your EP or CD reviewed?​ 你想唔想自己既單曲或者碟有樂評?


Here at The Underground we’ve got an army of music lovers who are ready to listen to your music and write a review.
Feel free to contact us. Please note, priority is always given to Hong Kong bands.
The Underground 既團隊有好多鐘意音樂既人,佢地隨時可以聽你地既音樂同寫有關既樂評。

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Funk Ska Nation Postponed 延期。


Due to ill health implications, Funk Ska Nation has been postponed to 21st March 2020 at The Hub in Wanchai. The Underground looks forward to delivering an epic show to the high standards deserved by both audience and musicians alike, and we hope you can join us then to celebrate everything funk and ska.
Ticket buyers can choose to reschedule their tickets to the above date, or can apply for a refund. Ticketing company will be contacting you via email.

由於有樂手患病的原因,Funk Ska Nation將延期至2020年3月21號在The Hub舉行。The Underground期待屆時舉行一個樂手與觀眾都萬分享受的音樂會。希望大家一起參與這個funk和ska的喜慶。

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Bands! The Underground can now help you make stickers & T-shirts. Band友們,The Underground現在可以幫你們製作貼紙和T-shirt了


Have you been really wanting band Tshirts or stickers and just been too busy to make it happen?
At The Underground we can help you along every step of the way, so all you have to do is focus on your band’s music and live performance.
Check out our make merch page now!

想要屬於自己樂隊嘅T-shirts或者貼紙,或者太忙冇時間搞?The Underground提供一站式樂隊商品製作,令你可以專注樂隊同表演,商品就交比我哋啦!

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Want to perform at The Underground? 想喺 The Underground 表演?


Got a band? Want a live performance review? Want some professional live shots of your band’s performance? Or you simply want to gig in Hong Kong? The Underground showcases are for the best bands playing original music. We also curate bands for other festivals, showcases and events. Simply apply to play using the form and we’ll get back to you. The more information you can give us, the quicker we’ll get back to you.

有樂隊?想有現場表演評論?想要專業嘅樂隊現場表演拍攝?或者純粹想係香港演出? The Underground 嘅演出俾機會玩原創音樂嘅樂隊表演。但我地亦為其他音樂節、演出、活動招募樂隊。

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​Have you checked out our youtube channel?​ ​有冇睇過我地YouTube頻道


​​We have over 400 videos from our shows. We wish we had more! A good way to check out some Hong Kong bands plus if you were at the shows, a great way to relive the moment. Please subscribe to our youtube channel.
我地有超過400段精華片段! 希望陸續會有更多! 呢個係一個好好嘅頻道去接觸香港本地原創音樂,亦都可以重溫返當日嘅情況! 快D黎subscribe啦!

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New CD review 最新唱片評論


Excited to share with everyone our review of Cracklebox’s album “Intimacy of Strangers”.

很興奮同大家推介我們所寫的Cracklebox專輯”Intimacy of Strangers”樂評。

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Funk Ska Nation!


Kicking off our 16th year of hosting live music events in Hong Kong, we returns on 18th January 2020 with Funk Ska Nation, featuring some of the most exciting local funk and ska bands around!
為慶祝十六週年,我們即將舉辦2020年的第一場音樂活動Funk Ska Nation,為大家帶來最令人期待的本地funk and ska樂隊表演!

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​Looking for a band member? 搵緊Band友?


​We’ve heard of stories from several musicians on how they found a bandmate using our Classified ads. If you’re looking to join/form or start a new band, check out our Classified ads now. We are also happy to sell your gear and it’s all free for Hong Kong musicians.


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