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Girls with Guitars #11 – June 3rd 2023 6月3日 (星期六)


Join The Underground for a celebration of girl power and music at ‘Girls with Guitars #11’
Sisters are doing it for themselves at the eleventh edition of showcase of inspirational women at The Fringe Club on June 3

嚟緊六月三號,The Underground將會喺藝穗會舉行「Girls with Guitars #11」音樂派對,同大家一齊慶祝女性力量同音樂!


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At only the age of 21, both Calvin & Kyle found a way to overcome their daily struggles through rap. They found their name “Fxith X Hxpe” through a ying and yang reference. Though, instead of having one positive and one negative. They decided that they would both carry a name that gives off positivity and encouragment towards their audience and themselves as artists. What makes them unique is that they’re both identical twins with two completely different personalities. One raps with aggression and deep lyrical wordplays and the other raps with insane flow like no other, their creativity and talent as twins is what makes them standout. Their main goal now, is to take the world by storm. And to be the first set of eurasian twins to do so!

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前身”QUEENSHEAD” 樂隊,2014年於英國白禮頓舉辦完一場音樂會後
用自己在大學的暱稱YU 及英文諺語 SO BE IT 組成藝名到處賣藝
然而,只在起步初期,ELVIS 已發現缺少了隊友的他根本不能如昔享受舞台,
找回往日兩位戰友ANDY 和KIT,並在重組階段認識了一見如故的鼓手MC,

Yusobeit (2017 Feb – )
We are storytellers. A four-piece band delivering sound waves of Cantonese melodies blent with
multielement music influences from countries and genres.
From 《白雲的詩》to 《怪物育成計劃》, we take our music style(s) as magnifier of stories to be told.
Treasuring our journey itself more than destination,
music is the channel we chose to tell the world our thoughts
and ideas as it consists of both literature and motions.
Four years down the road,
we were fortunate enought to accumulate experiences on live performance,
song recording, media production, marketing and branding.
We also made presence on TVB, ATV, CRHK, RTHK, Metroradio, various online platforms etc.
Times ahead can be tough, we press forward with hope for more good times

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“Murphy’s Law is a made-in-Hong Kong Reggae-Dancehall band of six musicians, including keyboard and saxophone. Our original songs enhance groovy and afro rhythms on catchy melodies to make people dance and feel emotions, with a pinch of pop flavouring.”

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Revery的意思是空想,我們認為任何創作的第一步就是空想,加上不斷實踐、創作,讓空想化成作品,希望以原創音樂感染他人。Revery在2016年受到本地樂隊Kolor的Sammy及羅斌的垂青,並簽約其開設的公司Lead Harmony Limited,成為旗下樂隊。


2023年1月於MusicZone@Emax舉辦首個專場《REVERY TRILOGIES LIVE 2023》並推出全新EP 《KIZUNA 絆》,EP以遊戲系列三部曲為主題。

Revery樂隊,班底由2011年中學時組成至今。當中包括主音及結他手-Louis 、結他手-李輝、低音結他手-King 以及鼓手-Ball 。

Revery is a rock band form Hong Kong, they released their debut album “Honest” in March 2019. In January 2023, Revery held its first concert “REVERY TRILOGIES LIVE 2023” at Music Zone @ Emax and released a new EP “KIZUNA”, which is themed on the game series trilogy.

The first step of any creation is “Revery” , coupled with continuous practice and creation, turning “Revery “into works and infecting others with original music. In 2016, Revery was favored by Sammy So @ Kolor and Robin Law @ Kolor and signed a contract with Lead Harmony Limited.

Revery formed in May of 2011 and consists of Louis Ho on vocal & guitars, Him Li on guitars, King Tai on bass, and Enoch Law on drums until now.

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“Le Groupe Electrogene Fanfare Club started as the ultimate side project of a pack of homesick Frenchies who longed for their homeland’s ‘ferias’, or festivals. Bringing with them their brass instruments and contagious energy they paraded through the bustling city streets of Hong Kong since 2015. La fanfare played cheerful melodies that ignited the crowds with joy at various major events in Hong Kong, Japan, China, Taiwan… People of all ages can gather to dance and sing along, clapping in rhythm to the upbeat tunes. They love to create a vibrant atmosphere during high-spirited performance, fueled with pastis, rosé and camaraderie!
We guarantee that our show will be a memorable experience for everyone involved and we hope that we will make a lasting impact on the local culture and community.”

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Sound Strategies: Navigating the Music Landscape Session1


THE UNDERGROUND and Inter Idoru Artist Management is launching an online series called “Sound Strategies”. It’s free and the series will be in English.
(Session I, Delves into the exciting music markets of Hong Kong and Japan. From the size of the market to the different types of venues available, covering everything you need to know about the music scene in these regions. Discover the types of events and genres that are popular and gain valuable insights into touring opportunities in Asia region.* Event will be a 20 minute talk by presenters, followed by 20 minutes for Q&A. )

The Underground + Inter Idoru Artist Management 會推出一個網上系列叫「Sound Strategies」,唔收門票,而且全系列會講英文。
(第一場會講香港同日本嘅音樂市場,從市場嘅規模到唔同種類嘅場地,講解有關呢兩個地區嘅音樂場景一切嘢你想知嘅。仲可以了解到喺亞洲區旅遊演出嘅機會,同埋留意啲什麼類型嘅活動同音樂風格係大熱嘅。* 講者會講20分鐘,然後再有20分鐘時間問答。)
2023 年 3 月 26 日,星期日 12:00

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