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Check out the photos and reviews from Day 2 of our festival.

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Apply to Play 報名演出


快啲報名參加Shazza Music Showcases啦,俾新嘅音樂才子一個舞台,或者參與我哋The Underground嘅活動,同實力樂隊一齊Rock。
20年支持香港嘅現場音樂場景。 🎸🎤

Formed a new band?
Want to share your original music on stage?
Apply to play at Shazza Music Showcases for new acts or join our Underground events for established bands.
Twenty years supporting Hong Kong’s live music scene.

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Check out the photos and reviews from Day 1 of our festival. 睇吓我哋音樂節第一日嘅相片同評論。

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-Hong Kong Thrash Metal- Agressively invaded your stiff Until the chaos fall

Vocalist: Kawai
Guitarist: Don
Guitarist: Erik
Bassist: Wilson
Drummer: Eric

這個節目是 The Underground 20 周年慶典和受歡迎的 Heavy 系列的一部分,承諾將為所有的硬核樂迷帶來一場令人難以置信的體驗。門票現已於 HK$200 預售,如當晚還有剩餘,將於當場售票 HK$300。

This show forms part of The Underground’s 20 Year Anniversary celebrations and the popular Heavy series and​ promises to be a mind-blowing experience for all hardcore fans.
Tickets are on sale now at HK$200 advance. If there are any left on the night, they will be HK$300 on the door.

Band​s 樂隊:
Tickets​ 票務:

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Song REVIEW 新Song上架


🎉🎉 Check out our newly published review of “Diamond 6” latest song, “Darkest Hour”
嚟睇我哋啱啱出爐嘅樂評啦!包括《Diamond 6》同埋最新song《Darkest Hour》🎸🔥

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多 謝! Thank you!


The Underground 嘅 20 週年慶祝音樂節非常成功,多謝所有參與其中嘅人!多謝優秀嘅樂隊,同埋最最感激係支持香港現場音樂嘅觀眾。
Thank you to everyone who worked to make The Underground’s 20 Year Anniversary Festival an amazing success! Thank you to the talented bands, and the BIGGEST thank you to the audience who turned up to enjoy live music in Hong Kong.

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🎉 大新聞!Big Announcement! 🎉




「友」手工啤酒一直致力支持本土文化完美展現了我們這座充滿活力的城市的精髓。。「友」手工啤酒旨在為香港人打造高品質而創新的手工啤酒體驗,啟發自最地道的香港食材釀製出不同手工啤酒口味,包括「波友」Lager及「發燒友」Pale Ale。品牌希望產品能聚朋結友,把不同背景卻志趣相投的啤酒愛好者連繫,一同分享快樂。

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with YAU beer at the upcoming Underground 20 Year Anniversary Festival on 19 & 20 April. Get ready to experience the incredible fusion of live music and the unique spirit of Hong Kong!

‘YAU’ has always been dedicated to supporting local culture, perfectly showcasing the essence of our vibrant city. ‘YAU’ aims to create a high-quality and innovative craft beer experience for the people of Hong Kong. Inspired by the most authentic Hong Kong ingredients, our craft beers, including ‘Bor Yau’ Lager and ‘Fat Siu Yau’ Pale Ale, offer a range of unique flavors. The brand hopes that its products can bring people together, connecting beer enthusiasts from different backgrounds who share a common passion, and sharing happiness together. 🍻

See you there!

🎉🍻✨ #YAUxUnderground #HongKongSpirit #SupportLocalCreatives 門票!到時見!#友xUnderground #香港精神 #支持本地創意 @hkyau_brewery

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