Live review from Underground Rocks 2019

1. 層壓時代
2. Happy hour
3. 不許於這旅途嬉戲
4. 大頭佛
5. 大步走向我中心
6. 低沉

After10 rock味十足,是典型香港人最愛的勵志流行曲風層壓時代Happy hour就呈現了經典的BAND友味。但其後的不許於這旅途嬉戲就過於主流、賣弄情感,與其他歌曲明顯格格不入。幸好,其後的歌有玩味之餘亦架勢十足,好容易令觀眾投入氣氛,在正拍之中過癮地FING頭打拍子。大頭佛既呈現樂隊玩味一面又不失搖滾氣勢。在現場中,樂手兒子混入表演中賣萌打氣,令人更感受到樂隊「十年後」青春熱血褪去,但音樂熱誠依舊的香港音樂人味道。
– 傑仔

When a band has their very own Iron Man in tow, you know you’re in for a treat.
At least, that was my first impression as trio After10 took to the stage, a toddler dressed as a superhero hopping straight up beside them whilst clutching a cylindrical maraca.

The last band of the night and exuding an effortlessly relaxed rock n’ roll chill, they didn’t disappoint.

The group opened with層壓時代, an upbeat garage dance-punk anthem to get the crowd back up and jumping. With a rhythmic snare drum layered beneath a simple riff, After10 introduce themselves as a band which is here to have a good, good time and play some classic, no frills tunes.
This carefree sentiment persisted in Happy Hour, featuring strong triple harmonies from all (adult) band members. Bassist Fung doubled up as rhythm guitarist at times, playing notes higher on the fretboard to mimic the sound.

On the subject of guitars, however, I found myself repeatedly straining to hear the lead guitarist over the drums and vocals. Perhaps a technical fault, or perhaps it’s because there were three voices to stand out over instead of just one. The combined result is still a solid punk rock performance, sounding at times eerily evocative of early Foo Fighters.

There was a unique wholesomeness about After10. Of all the bands that evening, they seemed to take themselves the least seriously as they pelted through sings at maximum energy, with minimum conceit. The mini Iron Man standing dutifully alongside his band for the whole set earned plenty of coos and giggles, but those did nothing to sway the staunch determination of this three year-old.
After10 deliver a show which gives you that rare full-body kind of exuberant joy. From expert pick slides (as in closing number低沉) to Sum 41-esque rock-rap vocals, this band truly has something for everyone to enjoy.

Even, it would seem, an onstage crèche.
– Jasmine GW

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