halloween020.JPGLive Review from Halloween Underground:
Albino kicked off the Halloween show in a pleasingly noisy garage punk kind of way before launching into the more melodic ‘Read My Book’ their current single(available to download at the band’s site),quite catchy with its upbeat mood and dual lead guitars creating a platform for Albert’s shouty but melodic vocals .The highlight for me was ‘Never Together’,a Suede-like Britpop song with its classic rock themes of yearning and isolation.The vocals could have been stronger but I really wish this band’s set had been longer and I really liked the big, driving guitar sound.
Raymond K


Live Review from Underground 35:
Albino have been heavily influenced by Brit-pop and rock, and they’ve obviously put a lot of effort in to improving their sound. This three-man band has come a long way since their first Underground performance. As a group they are tighter than ever, which is almost a shame as this is actually a goodbye show for the bassist, Martin, who has decided to leave the group. All three are competent musicians, however, they do need to think about how they can improve the sound of the vocals. Albert, the vocalist and lead guitarist, is confident, full of energy, and (according to the young lady sitting next to me) very cute. Perhaps what they really need is some backing vocals from the other band members to complete their sound.


Live Review from Underground 6:
A short (very short…too short?) interval and ALBINO hit the stage. I don’t want to be unkind, but I think the nerves did get to them. Singing in Cantonese is not a problem at the Underground, but the promised Brit-pop sadly metamorphosed into one loud noise (I sound like my Dad). The lead singer/guitarist undoubtedly has charisma however, and I look forward to seeing them again on another day. Mind you, others seemed to like them so perhaps I know nothing.
Mark Emerson

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