Live review from Heavy #21

1. Opening track
2. Phantom Pain
3. Oceans Turn Red
4. Mist (Instrumental)
5. Mirrors

ARKM作為壓軸,一出場所有聽眾都湧上前,熱切期待樂隊演出。開首的Opening trackPhantom Pain在處理低音方面十分出色,鼓密集的雙踏與貝斯互相配合,很有水準。而樂隊的女主音出場後的高音則與鼓和貝斯的低音部分形成對比,令歌曲變得有層次。雖然是死亡金屬樂隊,但純音樂的慢歌Mist卻令人很有驚喜,同時兼有迷幻、哀傷和迷失,甚至比其他歌曲來得更有特色,更有味道。而Mirrors作為樂隊的Debut Single,卻不見太有特色,亦未聽得出主音介紹的科技迷失感。但整體而言,ARKM展現了立體、有層次而獨特的重金屬風格,值得一讚。

Guitars were quite distorted and the metalcore influence shone through. Right at the start the band had a Korn vibe going coupled with death metal vocals as well as skilful screeching vocals. Calling this band industrial might be a bit of a stretch as many elements reminded me of the metalcore genre. Breakdowns were frequent and as well as the above mentioned vocal styles, the vocalist also presented hardcore vocals. The gig was definitely high energy. The band used samples to create atmosphere and one song involved the audience and their phone lights (back then it would’ve been lighters). The band presented a few different styles and influences so casual metal listeners should be well catered for and enjoy the show. Overall, the band certainly knew how to use their instruments of choice; now if they’d focus on creating a more industrial metal sounding band, they’d surely have the skill to.
– Matt Harris

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