Hard & Heavy Unleashed 2024


A crazy storm is coming in from the Philippines: the legendary Piledriver will make landfall on our shores for Hard and Heavy Unleashed 2024 on May 14.
一場瘋狂的風暴即將從菲律賓襲來:傳奇的 Piledriver 將於 5 月 14 日在我們的岸邊登陸,為《Hard and Heavy Unleashed 2024》帶來一場充滿著肾上腺素的頭條表演。

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Formed in 2021, Tales of Grim is a six-piece band on a mission to bring the exhilarating sounds of epic power metal to audiences in Hong Kong.

Drawing inspiration from a wide array of influences, Tales of Grim infuses their music with the mythological themes and captivating storytelling of Scandinavian Viking metal, the orchestral arrangements and rich symphonic textures of Finnish symphonic metal, and the musical sensibility and lyrical directions of Japanese power metal, creating an immersive and visually captivating live experience for their audience.

Tales of Grim aims to transport their audience on a sonic journey filled with epic melodies, headbanging riffs, and a captivating fusion of musical influences with performances that showcase their energetic stage presence, tight musicianship, and a shared passion for delivering a powerful and memorable concert experience.

As they continue to captivate audiences with their blend of epic power metal, they are sure to leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of metal enthusiasts both locally and beyond.

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-Hong Kong Thrash Metal- Agressively invaded your stiff Until the chaos fall

Vocalist: Kawai
Guitarist: Don
Guitarist: Erik
Bassist: Wilson
Drummer: Eric

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ARKM is an experimental metal band from Hong Kong that came together in October 2018. The band’s name was inspired by Arkham Asylum (Batman) in terms of the sick, twisted, dark and distorted world that of which is reflected in the band’s lyrics and songs. Genre inspirations of the band consists of Progressive rock/metal, Industrial metal, nu-metal, hardcore, deathcore, mathcore, grindcore, post rock and electronica with a touch of ambience.

Nyx Yan – Vocals (主音)
Danilo Gabuya JR – Guitars (結他)
Samirze Kong – Lead Guitars (結他)
Bryan Mendoza – Bassist (低音結他)
JM Inot – Drummer (鼓手)




Vocals: Yuri
Guitar: Rodney Boy
Bass: Howell
Drums: Reggie


One of Laguna’s premier hardcore bands, PILEDRIVER hails from Sta Rosa City, Laguna. Doing and Playing their own brand of Hardcore since 1998 with roots tightly knit in

the ever flourishing Laguna underground scene. Straight up sensibilities veering towards a Moshpit inciting sing alongs tunes, with breakdowns laced by a NYHC flavor.

The roots are the band are rooted from an unforeseen turn of events, on November 28, 1999 a tragic incident took place in a skatepark at Biñan, Laguna. Then Pilediver

Guitarist GERRYMAR YAP was senselessly shot in a drive by, by gangsters. That event served a s a wake up call for the the whole Laguna Scene.

Though Yap passed away, he is in forever in our hearts and would be the icon, which would be representing the truest sense of Brotherhood. The short-lived Piledriver

lineup was no more .. A few months after, members of the crew thought of continuing the group left by their deceased brother. Feb. 9, 1999 a new line-up for Piledriver

surfaced. A demo was released mid ’99 having four songs of LAGUNA STREET-STYLE HARDCORE. The demo was entirely dedicated to GERRYMAR YAP, who died senselessly on that

ill-fated day. Piledriver stands for its unified belief in a dream of having a peaceful society through … RESPECT..UNITY and BROTHERHOOD.

On 2006, the band was able to finally release their highly anticipated debut full length titled Sta. Rosa City. A tribute to the City they grew up with through hard

times and good times. The band is ever relentless in touring and has made DIY tours spanning from Manila, Batangas, Baguio, Tarlac, Quezon, Laguna to as deep down the

south of Cebu! Continually strengthened collectively by a fostered brotherhood from the local scene and various local affiliations and cross collaborations with our

Asian neighbors of Singapore, Hong Kong and South East Asia.

Piledriver has persevered through and through despite an ever changing lineup, the crew keeps its thinking spirited, uplifted and carries on. Unrelentless and

unwavering to spread the positive message that Hardcore has conveyed and have given to their own lives. Truly said, they are a staying real, true, positive and forward

thinking unit that keeps the Hardcore Flames burning alive and well through the years. Released the 2nd full length “Southside Kings” CD on 2011 under Crank Music

Relief and Railroad Records, relentless touring followed after the release of the 2nd full length which covered new territories like Davao City, Gensan, CDO, Iligan

City, Bacolod City, Kabankalan City and some Asian countries like Hongkong, Malaysia and Singapore. 2014 DEFEND LAGUNA HARDCORE CDEP was released under the same labels

and non-stop shows followed in support of the new CDEP. The band is now in the process of making new materials and planning to release a new full length soon and planning to cover new places… “We will see you all, in a town near you”..


PILEDRIVER “Laguna Street Edge Crew” 4 song demo tape (1999)
PILEDRIVER “Straight from the Gutter” EP (2001)
Onward to Galaxy Compilation CD Released By: Galaxy Records (2013)
PILEDRIVER “Santa Rosa City” CD (2006)

Played at Pulp Summerslam 2008
Played at Fete Dela Musique 2009
Played at Pulp Summerslam 2010
Opened for BANE in Laguna May 2010
Opened for Hatebreed in Manila Nov. 2010
Played Rakrakan Series XV Dec. 2011
Opened for Youth Of Today in Singapore July 2013
Opened for Sick of it all in Hongkong 2015
Opened for Sick of it all in Laguna, Philippines 2017
Played Rakrakan Festival 2017
Played Rakrakan Festival 2018
Done a 15 cities tour in the Philippines for our 15th year anniversary
Done a 19 cities tour in the Philippines for our 19th year anniversary
Played Fuckhard Fest, Taipei, Taiwan 2017
Played Moshhard Fest, Taipei, Taiwan 2018
Opened for Backtrack in Bangkok, Thailand 2019
Vans Philippines Skateboarding Day 2023
Played at Fete Dela Musique 2023

Non stop local shows

Interviewed at URGE MAGAZINE OCT. 2007
Interviwed at TIMEBOMB show in NU 107 2008
Featured at Pulp Magazine Sept. 2011 issue
Featured at Pulp Magazine April 2008 issue
Interviewed at Une Dos Metal (Paris,France metal TV show) 2016
Signed to ENGINEER RECORDS (UK) 2020
Lazer Music Endorsers (2020)

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