Bleeding Puppets


Live Review from Underground 16:
Petite. Cute. Jovial. Juvenile. These young ladies were fun to watch, although a little timid at first, which was surprising considering the metal sludge they played. They claim to be “nu-metal”, but there is absolutely NOTHING nu-metal about these gals. They take the blackest, most gothic metal and give it a Hong Kong signature, in a ladies’ perspective. Despite the shyness at first, the prompting from an expectant crowd soon saw them making some serious noise, thanks to the Underground’s very own Yan helping them with a little amp tweaking. Poor Blue, the lead singer. If she didn’t have a sore throat after growling this gig, then she’d be a fantastic endorsee of Strepsils. It’s great seeing a local band actually working up a sweat.
Brendan Delfino

Four Gothic Banshees giving birth to an ugly yet strangely beautiful demon-child of headbanging death metal. Somewhat lacking in artistic arrangement and creativity. Lead screamer’s blank expression betrays their overall style, though. They will either delight you, scare you, or both. Their music could use more technical complexity. They are the musical equivalent of very, very black coffee. Suffice it to say i would NOT want to get into an argument with the vocalist. After hearing them play, i think something broke inside of me, but i’m not quite sure what. Wally Amos

Quote from Bleeding Puppet:
“It is our first gig at the bar, thank you all staff of underground and venue. We’re glad for this show, all people are nice also!! And that time is our valuable experience, although have a little bit problem of the equipment at begin, but after the guys patient waiting, all the things are the wonderful memory!!
Underground is really support indie music, original music. So if you ‘re original people, must get there, just enjoy and move!!”

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