Blunt Concept (Philippines)

IMG_6624.JPG Live review from Piledriver and Blunt Concept “Break the Boundaries” Tour in Hong Kong:


1. Blunt Concept
2. The future is love
3. Society Poetry
4. Sunrise and Rain
5. Breaking the Daylight
6. Plug
7. 7 Deadly Sins

Next up are Blunt Concept who hail from the Philippines. Another bunch of great players, who craft out tunes in the ilk of a blend of Linkin Park and Hawthorne Heights. “Breaking the Daylight” which was definitely their standout tune… Eyes closed and it’s definitely Mike Shinoda rapping out lyrics on stage, but wait a minute, it’s not, but could be if you know what I mean…

Blunt Concept are a good outfit for the younger rap metal types with catchy lyrics and a boyish look…

— Rob Ascough

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