“Piledriver & Blunt Concept” Break The Boundaries Tour in Hong Kong 2012


IMG_6363.JPGWooooohoooooo! What a loud & mosh-pit night we had! 3 bands, 1 venue, stacks of Marshalls, oodles of people + cases of Becks beer, and didn’t we all have FUN! Thanks to Piledriver & Blunt Concept for coming in from the Philippines, thanks to Shepherds for motivating us to host this gig. BIg thanks to The Underground Team, HKGFM.net and of course the wonderful staff & sound crew at Backstage.
Love Chris B xx


Shepherds the Weak

1. Ours For The Taking
2. I Am I
3. The Lion’s Den
4. I’m Broken (Pantera Cover)
5. Shatter
6. Darkside
7. Defeated and Broken

Friday August 24th, The Underground at Backstage. This promises to be a night of power, with 3 titans of metal taking the stage. Pounding drums, drop tuned guitars and hard edged vocals are on the cards tonight and possibly a good old mosh…
First up are Shepherds the Weak… From the very first chord to the last drum beat of their set this band are just superbly tight. In fact they are so awesome at what they do they could easily be on stage at any metal gig anywhere in the world and be pulling big crowds… They are definitely masters of the art of metal, fuck yeah we want more of them! Any Hong Kong metal heads that have not seen these guys should be ashamed; I can tell you are missing one Hong Kong band that could make a mark on the global metal scene.

The STW set was full of powerful and well played material, even their cover of “I’m Broken” sound as good if not better than the original Pantera version. Overall STW sound like a blend of Atreyu and Hatebread, but hey that isn’t a bad thing as STW are on equal footing by my ears…

— Rob Ascough


Blunt Concept (Philippines 菲律賓)

1. Blunt Concept
2. The future is love
3. Society Poetry
4. Sunrise and Rain
5. Breaking the Daylight
6. Plug
7. 7 Deadly Sins

Next up are Blunt Concept who hail from the Philippines. Another bunch of great players, who craft out tunes in the ilk of a blend of Linkin Park and Hawthorne Heights. “Breaking the Daylight” which was definitely their standout tune… Eyes closed and it’s definitely Mike Shinoda rapping out lyrics on stage, but wait a minute, it’s not, but could be if you know what I mean…

Blunt Concept are a good outfit for the younger rap metal types with catchy lyrics and a boyish look…

— Rob Ascough


Pile Driver (Philippines 菲律賓)

1. Pile Driver
2. St Rosa City
3. The Game
4. We got your back
5. Hardtimes
6. Slip
7. Down since Day one
8. Southside Kings
9. Uprising
10. Between the lines
11. Never
12. What we stand for
13. Laguna Hardcore

And finally the night is closed out by Pile Driver who categorizes themselves as “Laguna Style”… No 100% sure what that really means, but Pile Driver for sure are quite different from Shepherds the Weak and Blunt Concept… They are more a combination of punk and metal than just a pure metal band… It’s hard to finger what they really sound like as there are bits of Agnostic Front, Limp Bizkit and possible a tad of Rage Against the machine… So I guess Laguna style is taking ingredients from different bands, sticking them in a mosh pit and then out pops Pile Driver, Laguna Style!!!

Their set is tight and their stage performance is definitely animated to a punk extreme… They are mental but I like that, tracks like “Never” are real hardcore punk and given the right venue and crowd it would be easy to imagine stage diving and serious moshing and more…

— Rob Ascough

photos © Copyright 2012 by ANGUS LEUNG

poster by ANGUS LEUNG

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