Chaos Invaded

Live Review from Hard & Heavy Unleashed 2024:
2.徘異地 徊塵土

Chaos Invaded is a 5 piece thrash metal band.

The first thing once notices about Chaos Invaded is its interaction with the audience, which started even as early as during setup, and continued throughout the entire set, which kicked off with a grand entrance befitting one of such genre – although there was a minor glitch during the introduction with the lead guitarist which probably would have gone unnoticeable to most of the audience except for the grimace on his face. The glitch, however, did not detract from the first song, which was number full of every instrument (cymbals, drums, kicks, guitars) playing at breakneck speed in a display of shock and awe which worked a treat with the audience, who immediately got into the spirit of things. The rest of the set was relatively subdue, if there is such a thing in thrash metal, interlaced with fine guitar hooks and dual leads, very tightly delivered. The larger than life lead vocal kept the audience enthralled throughout, much to the amusement of the older members in the crowd.

To sum up, an aficionado of the genre would no doubt found the set very slick: the band was technically accomplished, had a great stage presence and engaged the audience throughout what was a very entertaining 30 minutes.
– Hazel-Rah

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