David Duffin (Australia)


Live Review from Macau Underground Two:

As Usual, Macau Underground arranged the acoustic song-writer to warm up the gig, Dave Duff, a current resident in Macau, playing acoustic folk with humorous and reflective lyrics, which are mainly about his experience and expression about culture and the changes happening in Macau.
First up to the plate was David Duffin of the band Blue Card, starting out the show with a solo performance of 6-string sadness and anger. Mixing heartfelt love songs and ex-pat enclave-angst, David Duffin captured a melancholic longing for home at his most wistful and lashed out at the prevailing love affair with consumerism and worship of the almighty Pataca at his angriest. He was however quick to stay his anger when talking about the young generation. One gets the feeling that on his normal musical stomping ground at the Old Taipa Tavern they don’t see too many young people, judging from David Duffin’s many references and props to “the youth”.
Jeremy Phillips

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Performances by David Duffin (Australia):