Macau Underground Two


I think we proved tonight that there’s more to Macau than meets the eye. For most bands on the show, it was their first time to play an Underground show, and the night was definitely full of surprises. Thanks to the crew for all their help, especially Daniel the sound guy, Fortes for the poster design and Miguel our new VJ. Hope to see everybody at the next show in October. Geoff


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David Duffin (Australia 澳洲)

As Usual, Macau Underground arranged the accoustic song-writer to warm up the gig, Dave Duff, a current resident in Macau, playing acoustic folk with humorous and reflective lyrics, which are mainly about his experience and expression about culture and the changes happening in Macau.

First up to the plate was David Duffin of the band Blue Card, starting out the show with a solo performance of 6-string sadness and anger. Mixing heartfelt love songs and ex-pat enclave-angst, David Duffin captured a melancholic longing for home at his most wistful and lashed out at the prevailing love affair with consumerism and worship of the almighty Pataca at his angriest. He was however quick to stay his anger when talking about the young generation. One gets the feeling that on his normal musical stomping ground at the Old Taipa Tavern they don’t see too many young people, judging from David Duffin’s many references and props to “the youth”.
Jeremy Phillips

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Joao Caetano

A young band featuring 2 Portuguese, with a lot of support from their friends & fans, they made a very good beginning to liven up the show, their set covered a lot of different styles of music, from catchy heavy rock to soft rock and they even threw in a bit of jazz!

Young folks were out in force for the next act, Joao Caetano, a recent returner from Hong Kong. Hitting the stage in a rock-star white prayer-robe and looking every bit ‘the youth’, Caetano cranked up the tempo and the volume with his positive-message rock. His time in England seems to have been musically well-spent, and he has returned to Macau with a sound ranging from soulful to raucous. Breaking up his set with mid-set solos by guitarist Rodrigo and drummer Mathew, Joao mixed it up and pleased the many fans who had come to see him.
Jeremy Phillips

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A 6 piece pop rock band, singing very catchy and melodic rock songs, the lyrics and melody presented a very young and positive style, they were the happiest band of the night.

To my left an audience member comments that it’s great to see a female on stage this time, referring to keyboardist Mei Mei. Certainly tonight proved that Macau’s music scene is not just a boys game. Putting some pop energy into the underground black-clad youth ensemble Onstage played a tight set of alt-pop tunes and brought the audience to its feet. The band were tight and well rehearsed, bringing loud and upbeat pop songs to the audience. Onstage presented a united front, with all six members playing their hearts out.
Jeremy Phillips

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Once Teen Ones

The most entertaining band to watch that night, as most of the band members are all from the same family, the mother is the keyboardist, the daughter is the bassist and the son is the drummer. Friends kept joking with the drummer and the keyboardist throughout their set, lots of laughs and interaction. The band is basically led by the drummer who is also the singer too, their music is groovy enough for people (including the quiet ones!) to move around, soft rock with a bit of lounge feeling and also fantastic vocals.

“Hey, that’s my mother you’re talking about” quipped drummer and vocalist Fabio, responding to a raucous member of the crowd who jokingly asked for keyboardist Shelly Grace’s number. Self described musical eclecticists Once Teen Ones brought their musical family affair to the stage and got the audience dancing. Although they only played 4 songs, their musical flourishes turned each song into a showpiece and extended solos showcased the musicianship of each member of the band. By the time their last song It’s over was over the crowd was hyped.
Jeremy Phillips

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Hazden (Hong Kong)

A rock band featuring female vocals, earned a lot of appreciation from the Macanese audience, their set was heavy and angry, skillful and nicely arranged, the vocalist interacted a lot with the audience and the guitarists also make some very good detailed solos and riffs.

Bringing a harder edge to the stage, Hong Kong rockers Hazden meant business from their opener Ileana. Building a wall of sound brick by brick with their lyrical flow and hard edged guitar riffs, multi-lingual Hazden, brought the edge in their hazey way. By the time they sang suicide there was something like a mosh pit happening in front of the stage. Diminutive vocalist Faye proves that, like Yoda says you can’t judge by size. You can hear more from Hazden on their myspace page.
Jeremy Phillips

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One of the most well known band in Macau, they’re also the headline of the night, heavy and melodic rock with excellent stage performance! The singer’s performance was outstanding and also professional in singing with the heavy rock music. Their set also gave the audience a chance to stage dive, jumping and scream! Everyone felt disappointed when they finished their set, because they just don’t get enough!

Capping off the evening with the hardest sound of all, some Macau Underground veterans returned to the stage. Blademark crowned the evening with some serious anger. Singer Fortes got the audience thrashing and the Cantometal sound ended the evening on a high-energy note. You can hear Blademark on their Myspace page
Jeremy Phillips

Above photos © Copyright 2008 by Yan

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