Live Review from Underground 16:
The ambience of the guitars sounded at times like the nintendo game “Shadowgate”, with a slight air of mystery. The timing for the drums and guitars were sometimes off just a little. If softened a notch they would be a lot like “sollective soul”. You find yourself agreeing with the music, almost wanting to nod your head, not realizing what exactly it is you’re agreeing with. The instruments complement each other and work together, rarely clashing. Very good musical songwriting, and great lead vocal. Musical style is a bit like 90s alternative. You get the feeling they have a good but restrained confidence and authority. This is one band whose slow songs don’t suck (except for the really really slow one).
Wally Amos
This is a band that likes to take its time. A band in no rush. A band that is not out for instant gratification. Instead this band wants to perform the music THEY want to play. If you like it, great. If you don’t, ‘come see us next time’, is the attitude I detected. I wanted to hate these guys so much. They are everything a band should not be, in my opinion. Completely self indulgent. No catchy hooks. No air-guitar inducing riffs. And, worst of all, absolutely no interaction with the audience. Yet they did it in a sense that was refreshing to see. A band that was audacious enough to just be themselves without fear of what people might think. Very ballsy indeed. These guys are a must-see for emo fans.
Brendan Delfino

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