Erik Piece

u71004.jpgLive Review from Underground 71:
Underground 71 was the solo debut of Erik, leader of the excellent Innisfallen.

The relaxed atmosphere of the smallish early crowd suited Erik well, setting the tone for a friendly and generally joyful evening from start to finish. Mercifully, the combined marching band, para-para dancing efforts of the Tourism Board to scare off tourists and locals alike had ceased by the time he took the stage. Could have been a real mood killer.

Erik played a short set of five gentle but interesting, and mostly rather good songs, except the one he jokingly but truthfully introduced as “boring”. My friend Mark was not impressed by the vocals, but his ‘hit some of the notes most of the time’ approach works for me.

Varied arrangements and themes helped keep the one-man-and-his-acoustic-guitar engaging, assisted by liberal use of the capo and limited deployment of a token harmonica. A cover of Ella Fitzgerald standard Lullaby of Birdland in particular showed what an accomplished all-round musician he is.

Hard to compare this music with the “day job” band, but in its absence, Erik did just fine.
Paul M

Click here to watch Erik Piece playing his original song: Step!

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Performances by Erik Piece: