Exit On Twelve

Live Review from Underground 66:Initially booked to headline Underground 66, Chris B had to hastily move them to second slot as their brand of ’screamo’ was anti-establishment for this fine venue known as The Cavern. This 5 piece band formed during their teen years in Hong Kong and still maintain the band despite all of them attending University in UK (not all the same one either!) along with new members sourced from the UK.
They are ample proof that if you rehearse enough, gig a lot and start
young, you CAN achieve a great standard of musicianship & performance
kudos before the age of 20. For me this band is excellent to watch live,
I’m not sure I would enjoy their CD without the band in front of me. Oh, I just watched their youtube videos and that was very enjoyable.
Harry Post

Click here to watch Exit on Twelve playing their original song: Breaking Glass!

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Performances by Exit On Twelve: