Underground 66


Thank you to Kick Ball Car for coming in at a short notice to fill in for Jaigon who had to fly back to the UK. This turned out to be yet another exciting Underground evening at The Cavern – thanks so much to Ivanne & Iris for the sound and to Wain who filmed parts of this show for our mini documentary on The Underground! You can click on the individual band names to watch a song from Underground 66.

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Kick Ball Car

These boys were a great start to the Underground 66 show
(Chris B said they were a last minute replacement for Jaigon
who had to return back to UK).
Kick Ball Car’s brand of power-pop in Cantonese is friendly and
approachable. The keyboards are a great touch and adds
almost a soulful element to their songs. Their band name
shows they have a fun side to them which they could display
more on stage. Overall one of the better Hong Kong bands
Harry Post

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Exit on Twelve

Initially booked to headline Underground 66, Chris B had to hastily
move them to second slot as their brand of ‘screamo’ was anti-establishment for this fine venue known as The Cavern. This 5 piece band formed during their teen years in Hong Kong and still maintain the band despite all of them attending University in UK (not all the same one either!) along with new members sourced from the UK.
They are ample proof that if you rehearse enough, gig a lot and start
young, you CAN achieve a great standard of musicianship & performance
kudos before the age of 20. For me this band is excellent to watch live,
I’m not sure I would enjoy their CD without the band in front of me. Oh, I just watched their youtube videos and that was very enjoyable.
Harry Post


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The Quasar

Debut of yet another HK band – kudos to The Underground for giving
bands the chance to take their songwriting seriously. This band is
classic rock n roll mixed with folk rock mixed with protest-rock.
Lead vocalist Sanjeev has an amazing voice – think of him as a Nepalese version of Bruce Springsteen with the angst of Bob Dylan. The Quasar’s musicto be honest doesn’t sound that original but for this band,
this may not be a bad thing. I’d watch them again and hope
next time, their set is longer than 4 songs.
Harry Post


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Henry Chung & the HK Blues Allstars

Fresh from hanging out with Canto-pop King Andy Lau, Henry brings his blues motley crew to the Underground. People around me seem more in awe of bass player Koya playing an upright bass – means nothing to me – well it did look COOL. Now I’m not a big fan of blues but Henry makes it seem like lots of fun which relaxed me and got me joining in with the cheers. If you actually love the blues, you’ll get a big kick out of Henry.
Watch him if you can.
Harry Post



photos © Copyright 2008 by ANGUS LEUNG
Poster by Sheli

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