UDG00155 (1).JPG Live review from Underground Heavy #20

1. 從頭開始
2. 半天
3. 湧
4. 至死不渝
5. 殘酷時光

Energetic six-piece Fiester performed an unexpectedly strong set at Heavy 20. Pronounced “fiesta” (not “fyster”, fyi!), all members played their instruments with attack, drive and presence. Lead singer Vicky’s voice was a bit fragile during the verses as she competed with the band. However, her strong charisma and excellent leadership made up for occasionally weak singing.

First song 從頭開始 opened with a dose of dubstep and the band kicked into action with a hiss of dry ice through the stage. Everyone was instructed to crouch down, a la Slipknot, for 半天, which was only semi-successful, given they were only two songs into their set. Guitarist Iris had tonnes of personality and flair, but her guitar could barely be heard in the mix at times. She and guitarist Coco delivered crunchy industrialised riffs alongside synth-player Kelly’s off-kilter keys and backing vocals.

Meanwhile, Vicky switched between harsh scream/growl delivery and cleaner, futuristic-sounding autotuned sections, which came off sounding a Hatsune Miku at times. Bassists stereotypically shy from the spotlight, but it was impossible to ignore Amy, who stood centre-stage and rallied the crowd to punch, cheer and jump at every opportunity while thrumming out galloping basslines. New song 湧 had a vivid electronicore flavour, triggering a fluttering of strobing lasers and turbocharged performance that ended with a thick breakdown.

Keyboardist Kelly had demonstrable classical training, evidenced by her switching from a gothic organ effect to extraterrestrial synth stabs with flair on 至死不渝, which featured a powerful and catchy chorus. Final track 殘酷時光 was the most successful of the set: smooth drumming underpinned more powerful synth-metal, a confident sign-off from a magnetic rising act.
El Jay

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