Live review from 20th Anniversary Festival Day 1 星期五:

1. 之所以這樣
2. ⁠壞了的文青
3. ⁠寂寞城市需要一種病
4. ⁠正能量日日鏟屎
5. ⁠煩惱將我炸掉
6. ⁠不透明坦白

Duo HIBYE is a very stark contrast to the other band (Senseless) I was tasked with reviewing for the night, though that’s not a bad thing. Coming in during their sound check, I was intrigued at their set up and the myriad of futuristic, swirly sounds the guitarist had displayed already; dreamy like chorus driven dreampoppy/shoegazey overdriven guitar, with finely polished backing tracks triggered by the drummer, though I can almost certainly say the drums were played live, as she looked like she was 100% in the music and could feel it completely.

The band’s sounds spanned a wide range, songs such as 之所以這樣 and 煩惱將我炸掉 having a dreamy, indie-emo-rock feel that made me think of HK’s previous indie rock legends Silhungmo or Emptybottles, songs like 壞了的文青 and 寂寞城市需要一種病 taking more creative turns, the former having esoteric, confusing but interesting timing and riffs, and the latter including some inspiring beatbox-y interludes by the singer, whilst the song 正能量日日鏟屎 had a jazzy, mainstream cantopop feel (similar a bit to Gareth T’s sound), and 不透明坦白 being a modern sounding cantopop inspired ballad, you could tell this duo loved making whatever music they felt like and felt totally comfortable with just doing what they wanted for their own sake and not anyone else’s. Seeing as these guys were on for the later part of the night, it was the perfect set to chill down to, right after the emotional bass-rap-drum set of Darthreider and The Bassoons, HIBYE’s sound is equally as heart wrenching, at times angsty, at times crooning, but all the time passionate. If you are into avant-garde, experimental ‘art noveau’ type sets such as those displayed by KYVLE, then you’ll love HIBYE.

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