Live Review from Underground 16:
Nice. Nice vocals singing nice melodies to nice grooves. Nothing original. Nothing exciting. These guys are just . . . NICE. Pleasant and palatable tunes. Competent singing and musicianship. Made me buy another beer right when I was ready to leave the bar, having promised myself an early night. A nice pop foundation that with a little development could turn into something solid
Brendan Delfino
The first song was funky, detached, and lush, and reminded me a little of Wang Fei. The lead singer girl started out standing straight and tall, expressionless, hands in pockets, yet singing quite well. The background guitars were mostly rather boring chords, but overall ok sounding. Bass guitar was good though. Their music was too noisy to follow carefully, and too low-energy to get excited about. I’m not quite sure what to think of them. That girl can sing, but would be a better match with softer accompaniment. In the last song though, she loosened up and the guitars were way more creative and interesting. The ability is there, will we see more of it?
Wally Amos

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Performances by J-Minor: