u74082.JPGLive Review from Underground 74:

The next act marked the start of the singer/song writer phase of UG 74. Jovelyn aka Joves is the lady with the soothing voice that can warm gig goer hearts on cold December nights. Musically , Joves songs are acoustic based pop with little hints of jazz and soul. What sets Joves apart from the many other female singer/song writers that she resembles (Marie Digby, Colbie Caillat) is that her songs all tell little stories, as opposed to yearning for the quarter back. Stories the way Tracy Chapman might sing. The sort that are full of imagary that let you play out the plots for yourselves. I look around the room and I notice people are listening intently to the songs, figuring them out for themselves. Credit also has to be paid to the spot on but never over-bearing backing band for keeping the foundations of the tunes solid. On bass is one of the Tai Tai Alibi guitarists, Chris Collins and on the drums is a man whose name has escaped my memory. All I know is, it is not the usual drummer who usually brings mayhem with Shepherds the Weak. I realise this may be a shorter review than the other bands, but maybe in some ways, that’s what Joves is like. To the point.
Tim – Hong Kong Independent Music Blog


Live Review from Underground 38:

This Underground night has unearthed some pleasant gems – Joves (or Jovelyn to her friends) brings easy listening to the Underground. And she also brought lots of her friends (fans?) along as the cheers got louder and louder. Her band of musicians were of a high calibre and included her brother on trombone. It was a nice laid back set and Jovelyn has one of the best female voices I’ve heard in a long time.
Mark Emerson

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Performances by Joves: