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Good to be back in HK and at the familiar and comforting world of the Underground, funnily enough I had seen GriN at one of the last Underground shows I had attended and I thought the band tonight seemed more nervous than should be for a band who’s made it to the finals of numerous competitions. I found Jenny’s short skirt distracting enough to forgive the occasional offkey vocals. GriN’s music is pop, energetic pop. I have to say that Jenny’s cute and did make me grin.
Mark Emerson


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An uptempo opening song by Transnoodle had me sitting up. This band is very different to the other bands I’ve seen at The Underground. There’s a lot of people to fit onto the stage but somehow they find their own space. Ska crossed with Carribean with some attitude, they are definitely locals with lyrics pertaining to various subjects such as the outlying ferries and Tsim Sha Tsui. Nice to see the audience dancing instead of moshing. The brass section is outstanding and I’m pretty sure this band will have a strong future in entertaining HK.


Mark Emerson




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This Underground night has unearthed some pleasant gems – Joves (or Jovelyn to her friends) brings easy listening to the Underground. And she also brought lots of her friends (fans?) along as the cheers got louder and louder. Her band of musicians were of a high calibre and included her brother on trombone. It was a nice laid back set and Jovelyn has one of the best female voices I’ve heard in a long time.
Mark Emerson



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Tight pop rock from four lads with the same hairstyle! What more could you want? Chris B tells me that their lyrics are really good with songs ranging in topics from peace to memories. I have no complaints with this band, they are good musicians and the vocalist can sing. I vote AMS for having the coolest bass lines of the evening.
Mark Emerson


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Air Tub
Industrial beats meets hard rocking musicians. I thoroughly enjoyed Airtub’s set. Kenny (great vocalist/rapper with charisma) fronts the band with fluid skill. I have a copy of their EP (Re-ignition) and found myself singing along to “Confusion”. Marcus (keyboards) brings a richness to Airtub or maybe it’s Airtub that brings a richness to his symphonic sounds. Airtub is definitely one of the best HK bands and I highly recommend you watch them live and listen to their EP.
Mark Emerson

Above photos © Copyright 2007 by YanYan PangPoster by Sheli

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