Live review from 20th Anniversary Festival Day 1 星期五:

In the general scheme of a 20th anniversary party, Kamie is a very new comer to the Underground world, having “just’ made a name for herself in the last few years. Performing as a duo, herself and a cajón player, Kamie kicked off the celebration with a very pleasant set of acoustic numbers, commencing with her latest “single”, “種光” a song about reaching out when going through hardship and adversity, which, without putting too fine a point on it, is a very typical, but very pleasant, Canto ballad. I was particularly moved by the lyrics, which seem very appropriate in this age of economic and political uncertainty. The second number, “我不想真樣去老” which, if memory serves, was written during the lockdown when people were keeping themselves locked up both voluntarily or involuntarily. Both from a musical and vocal style this song was different from the first track, demonstrating her versatility as a song-writer. Rather than go through every track, I am just going to say that another one of her tracks later on in the set, “情感動物”, was a track from her rock outfit, Kater, which again, shows her versatility.

Kamie has a really nice pleasant voice which she puts to good use whether singing ballads or rock anthems, and her guitar playing was clean and confident. When I say clean I meant her chord changes were clean and controlled with minimal fret noises (which have a tendency to get in-proportionally amplified when going through a PA system. The addition of a percussion player was an excellent decision, as it added much needed body to the instrument (the PA system again was to blame for more or less thinning out the guitar sound). Overall an excellent performance and a very strong start to the big party.
– Hazel-Rah

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Performances by KAMIE 㛓僑: