L.A.V.Y. (Macau)

IMG_5437.jpgLive Review from Underground Macau 4:

One of the best bands of he night, the rock vibes which were sent out by Axis were incredible and the crowd responded in kind, jumping up and getting wild. The crew set off there set with some serous musical talent and managed to keep the performance at the same level throughout their time in the spotlight, a great performance for those who were there, hopefully we will see them again.
Olinto O.

Following FBI was unanimously going to be a difficult task, but LAVY stepped to the plate with something other than a baseball bat and still managed to knock it out of the park. Their old school rock and roll retained originality and encouraged audience participation. The close quarters between band and audience greatly complimented the band’s style, so much so that the set ended with a famous thunderous chant, “One more! One more! One more!”
Jake D.

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Performances by L.A.V.Y. (Macau):