Macau Underground 4


A great night, a great turnout. The night showed that original music in Macau is growing and that we have have an audience that can be as noisy as anywhere in Asia. Thanks to the bands for their time, the staff for effort and the crowd for their energy. Here’s looking forward to the next one in April… Geoff


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The night started out strong, with Axis warming the crowd up with their mix of pop rock. They casually swapped singers from time to time, with some of the vocals stronger than others. With time their vocals should improve. It was easy to see that the band really loves what they do. Overall it was a fun set, and not only did they please the crowd, but they stuck around to support their fellow bands too.
Jake D


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Matthew Veith

The 18 year old wonder child from Canada was one of the biggest and most pleasant surprises of the Underground IV. The electronica beats which he laid down early in the show reminiscent of Daft Punk set the tone for the rest of a wild and fun filled night. His heavy up-beat music got people loose,, however the young artist showed his range by shelling out some seriously silky and relaxed tunes. At the end of his set, most of the crowd was screaming out for more, for sure the young artist will appear again in the Macau music scene.
Olinto O

It is safe to say that more than a few people were pleasantly surprised with young Matthew Veith’s effort on the second set. His 5 or 6 progressive electronica and techno songs had the whole crowd awestruck. It seemed as if everyone realised simultaneously that the little guru definitely has a future in what he does, and on further inquiry after his set, he affirmed that he looks forward to proving the speculations true. It was great to see that his backgrounds at The International School brought in a new and excited audience, and they’re all most likely giving the boy a big pat on the back.
Jake D.


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Voidcamp, brought a new and fresh look to The Underground rock style normally played at the show, while at times they may have seemed a bit too much ‘out there’ musically and maybe the crowd didn’t know how to react the band pulled it out with some nice mixture songs and fusion of styles brought out the best of what The Underground is all about ‘originality’.
Olinto O


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Forget the G

The band forget the G has most definitely established themselves as one of the most regular and looked forward to names on a Macau Underground list. This band might be one of the ‘must see’ acts of the show, and they most definitely never disappoint, as always they gave the crowd just what they wanted with their rock styles and fusion and mixtures of musical styles and brought out a unique treat for the Underground crowd which kept them entertained and pushed the energy through the roof.
Olinto O

Forget the G brought something different to the table, offering an acoustic set comprised of vocal, guitar and piano talents. For those who went to The Underground looking for something a little more quiet to contemplate and reminisce, these two musicians presented them with that platform. Playing songs that brought on happiness to heartache, Forget the G gave to those who were seeking.
Jake D.


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F.B.I. did not disappoint in their set at Macau Underground IV. Perhaps one of the heavier acts of the night F.B.I brought the grunge out with some serious vocal work and heavy guitar riffs, The band even brought out a definite Macau Underground highlight when they brought out some rap verses invoking memories of when Limp Bizkit topped the charts. With a set like that F.B.I.’s future in the Macau music scene seems like a bright one.
Olinto O

FBI were nothing short of fantastic! They lived up to their reputation by delivering a head banging performance that satisfied all heavy rock music cravings. All band members were at one stage in the spotlight, getting the crowd pumped up, making sure that every one in the audience were ready to rock. At the peak of anticipation, they’d smash a song on everyone’s head, evoking loss of limb control A.K.A: mosh. Overall, a very entertaining concert that left the crowd yelling for more.
Jake D.

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One of the best bands of he night, the rock vibes which were sent out by Axis were incredible and the crowd responded in kind, jumping up and getting wild. The crew set off there set with some serous musical talent and managed to keep the performance at the same level throughout their time in the spotlight, a great performance for those who were there, hopefully we will see them again.
Olinto O.

Following FBI was unanimously going to be a difficult task, but LAVY stepped to the plate with something other than a baseball bat and still managed to knock it out of the park. Their old school rock and roll retained originality and encouraged audience participation. The close quarters between band and audience greatly complimented the band’s style, so much so that the set ended with a famous thunderous chant, “One more! One more! One more!”
Jake D.

Photography: Cintia Leite

Poster Design: Fortes Sequiera

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