Live Review from Underground 7:
Wrapping up the evening was Lazyi, for me just the right time and the right place to see them. They took a leaf out of the Flowers of Babylon and had their own visuals playing throughout their set. Mark, the guitarist had an amazing sound on his guitar, the tones were extremely pleasing. Lazyi might have been influenced by JJ Cale & Nirvana yet definitely had their own indie sound. Andrew’s vocals sit nicely on top of the music. A brilliant end to a brilliant evening.
Mark Emerson

Quote from Lazyi: “It is nice to see a light shining into the void. That is what the Underground has ment to many bands here in HK, and the Damm thing just keeps growing. They try to beat it down with a stick, but as one head falls, two rise in it’s place. It’s like a revolution or something. Truely Amazing! The old men from Lazyi love Chris and her Pink, or was it Red hair. Can’t remember now, maybe we’re just too old.
May your life be Free from Occupation and we know who your are NWO! Lazyi”

Download “Sister Sister” Lazyi’s demo to sample their music.
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Performances by Lazyi: