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Noticed a bunch of Lamma folks hanging outside Venue, clearly a Lamma band was about to debut at Underground. It was none other than Over A Dogma smoothly blending Moroccan musical influences with Western grooves. Clearly their demand for Fender amps paid off handsomely, founder/vocalist Hamada had the audience singing away in African, shouting & laughing; certainly a first for Underground. I’d like to see more bands like this in Hong Kong, where you can hang up your troubles allowing the music to take you elsewhere for a little while.
Mark Emerson

How does the UNDERGROUND team find these unpolished diamonds? After reading about Luke Chow in the scmp that morning I decided that after all, I would go to Underground and see if he lived up to all that hype. Wasn’t disappointed. How can such a little guy have such a powerful voice? My date was swooning commenting on his young Elvis stage presence, whilst I begrudgingly recognised someone who could write cleverly crafted pop songs. The audience were captivated by Luke’s set and the girls fell in love just a little bit more when he thanked his Mum. This was in fact Luke’s debut as a 3 piece band as Mike & Glen saw the potential in the previous solo performer. I predict great things in the future for this 19 year old (I remember those days…)
William Sickey



Time & Motion wandered in after losing themselves in the girlie part of town, or so they claim. After quickly setting up, these boys took the music up a frantic level. Benny had a cool effect on his vocals and I thought his tartan trousers were spot on. There’s shades of Marilyn Manson in their songs and this was definitely the most entertaining band visually that night, Kien practised his guitar god poses all through their set and the finale was Benny screeching whilst picking up Kien whilst he continued plucking away at his guitar. I loved it! Musically tight band, why couldn’t they all wear tartan trousers?
Check out their website
Rosie Chan
Wrapping up the evening was Lazyi, for me just the right time and the right place to see them. They took a leaf out of the Flowers of Babylon and had their own visuals playing throughout their set. Mark, the guitarist had an amazing sound on his guitar, the tones were extremely pleasing. Lazyi might have been influenced by JJ Cale & Nirvana yet definitely had their own indie sound. Andrew’s vocals sit nicely on top of the music. A brilliant end to a brilliant evening.
Lazyi have a brilliant website, see for yourself.
Mark Emerson


© Copyright 2005 Photos by Chris B

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