DSC_4989 copy.jpgLive Review from Underground 79:

Apologies to Loudspeaker as I missed your epic introduction. I was told it was akin to the start of a Star Wars movie. Thats no bad thing at all! When I arrive, I see four guys on stage (Smallpo, Hung, Ringo and Paul) at the conclusion of their opening number, and they ACTUALLY look to be enjoying themselves. In doing so it proves the ancient saying “thou shall entertain if thou ist entertained” No really it’s written in stone. Due to these guys singing in Cantonese, I understood nothing, but I was later told that they were a funny bunch of dudes who sang funny songs. So horray for Loudspeaker for keeping it merry, EVEN in these times of economic hardship. One such joyful tune had the audience involved in a spot of crowd participation. Everyone was required to sing a long to what I thought sounded like Hallelujah! But apparently it was a call to arms…to go to the beach! Who doesn’t like going to beaches? Clever clever boys. Their four song set also included free merchandise give away and a harmonica solo. Short and sweet. Nice job lads..

Tim – Hong Kong Independent Music Blog

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