Live Review from Underground 52:
Set List
Luxury’s deceptively gentle meandering start soon turned into a full-on metal-pounding bass and drums number, loud enough to interfere with a few weaker hearts. In a nice contrast the vocals were surprisingly soft in a Goth ballad kind of way.
Their second song again featured a loud rhythm section with the interesting contrast of sweeter melodic vocals. I thought the song could do with another instrument to help support the vocal line.
Song 3 saw the volume of the lead guitar turned up to improve the sound out of sight and in step with some very fast, furious bass and drum rhythms. I’m not sure the lead singer appreciated the tall girl in the audience blowing her cigarette smoke directly into his face as he was singing but you get all sorts, I suppose. Could have been the reason why there wasn’t much feeling and variation in vocal style on this one.
Song 4 was a slower number with vocals perhaps too commercial sounding for an indie band, but partly saved by a loud bass, thumping drums, noisy lead guitar and deafening feedback shrieks.
Song 5 was what I had been waiting for – vocals delivered in an unconventional way. Clipped and staccato, the lead singer gave us something very cool.
Song 6 was loud and frantic – a return to less than interesting vocals but still a good overall sound. The audience dug Luxury’s forceful sound but perhaps more variation in the vocals would make a small set more interesting. The vocals were emotive and sweet but delivery was a bit repetitive .
Isobel Shahzneen Saunders

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