Mad Mud


Live Review from Underground 40:
the first thing noticed is their 70s classic rock style, and the second is the inaccuracy of the drummer. just a reminder folks, don’t drink and drum. otherwise very solid and grooving, a band right out of woodstock. i can easily imagine being in a huge crowd billowing with smoke and cursing the establishment, thoroughly enjoying the vibe. i thought i detected a bit of “rage against the machine” in them earlier, but wasn’t quite sure until they covered “killing in the name of”. good stuff.

“The Underground – Great great show and really support local indie bands. One of the best mediums for bands to be heard and known! Keep up the good work and rock on! Thanks again!” Ken Cheung


Live Review from Underground 14:
Mad Mud have played with Tommy Chung and it shows. Ken Cheung (guitar/vox) is rockier with his singing than Tommy. The band is a level up in “heavyosity” from R.E.O. Good mix of Southern blues boogie meets Old Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green era), a bit of Doobie Brothers and a nice cover of “Come Together” (Beatles). Workmanlike but with unexpected touches here and there. I liked them.
Nick Lovatt

“A very well orgnized event and a great opportunity to listen to a wide variety of music. Audience loves music and respect musicians on stage. A great opportunity for musicians to meeet other musicians as well. It was great fun and after a week we are still talking abou the night!” Ken Cheung

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