Underground 14


Thanks to those of you who came down to support Underground We loved seeing the surprise on your faces as some of Hong Kong’s most interesting bands showcased their original music for you! We hope you will support Underground by coming back and bringing your friends.
love Chris B & Mike xx



Third Eye Open – a six piece band. Lucy (aka Phoenix on vox) is a very confident young singer, as co-MC Mike said “A star in the Making” with hints of Joss Stone & Natalie Imbruglia in her phrasing. Musically this band has hints of Honky Tonk Woman (Rolling Stones) + early Bob Seger Band and some very nice barrel house piano. Music could be described as Captain Beefheart meets Jack Kerouac via Julian Cope and an ode to Lesbian love. Last track of the night is almost rap poetry with fried lyrics. This is an interesting direction for them and open to lots of experimentation – I wanna hear more of that shit in future.
Nick Lovatt
Mad Mud have played with Tommy Chung and it shows. Ken Cheung (guitar/vox) is rockier with his singing than Tommy. The band is a level up in “heavyosity” from R.E.O. Good mix of Southern blues boogie meets Old Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green era), a bit of Doobie Brothers and a nice cover of “Come Together” (Beatles). Workmanlike but with unexpected touches here and there. I liked them. Nick Lovatt

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HARD CANDY – riotgirls post punk trio Hints of early Banshees and the Creatures (Banshees offshoot) especially in drums. Also hear some chunky Wire meet Gang of Four grooves and some Bunnymen. Not afraid to crack up on stage during song. The drummer is really great in this band. Last track “Elliott” saw them stretch out the most. Inspired by the late Elliott Smith (died by suicide, Oct 2003) this was the closest to vintage “Sisters of Sharon” fret fantasywork. I agree with co-MC Mike, Hard Candy “blow me away”.
Nick Lovatt

SIQ – “Angels with Dirty Faces” have the largest fan base obscuring the stage. There was even a bit of crowd surfing. Vocalist reminded me of Steve Tyler (Aerosmith). Songs are big power chords, death metal grooves, sort of Kashmir style – vocalist jumps into crowd, onto drum kit – freaks out Venue management. Guitar work is similiar to early Wishbone and Pink Fairies type electronics. They turn funky for the their third track and the wah wah guitar is excellent. (Have to add that the music does remind me of Red Hot Chili Peppers!!) Then suddenly it’s all over and SIQ say goodnight leaving the audience with “Wow!” written on their faces. Very good energy from this band. Well worth catching.
Nick Lovatt
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