Matthew Veith (Macau)

IMG_5186.jpgLive Review from Underground Macau 4:

The 18 year old wonder child from Canada was one of the biggest and most pleasant surprises of the Underground IV. The electronica beats which he laid down early in the show reminiscent of Daft Punk set the tone for the rest of a wild and fun filled night. His heavy up-beat music got people loose,, however the young artist showed his range by shelling out some seriously silky and relaxed tunes. At the end of his set, most of the crowd was screaming out for more, for sure the young artist will appear again in the Macau music scene.
Olinto O

It is safe to say that more than a few people were pleasantly surprised with young Matthew Veith’s effort on the second set. His 5 or 6 progressive electronica and techno songs had the whole crowd awestruck. It seemed as if everyone realised simultaneously that the little guru definitely has a future in what he does, and on further inquiry after his set, he affirmed that he looks forward to proving the speculations true. It was great to see that his backgrounds at The International School brought in a new and excited audience, and they’re all most likely giving the boy a big pat on the back.
Jake D.

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Performances by Matthew Veith (Macau):