Global Battle of the Bands Hong Kong 2010 Finalists

Live review from GBOB HK Final 2010

GBOB_HK_final_331.jpgThe second of the visual kei bands that night, Misery play a hard, grinding variety of metal. It’s less headbang-able, but tends to have more flowing melodic portions, that are well held up by the combination of guitars and vocals. While still having a highly typical sound, the sonically oblique solos add some variety to it. Again, their performance was power-packed, and the added element of their outlandish look made them even more interesting to watch. They really were a cool way to top off a night of awesome and enjoyable music, as we moved towards the moment of truth.

— Shashwati

halloween160.JPGLive review from Halloween Underground:

Misery strode to the stage like epic guitar-wielding heroes .The songs have a melodic nu-metal feel and a compelling, powerful sound even for those who are not metal fans, with echoes of classic bands like Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Korn. Lead singer Asuka has an expressive vocal range and the songs have lots of pace and power. Lead guitarist Aikiho and bassist Taki blasted out some classic metal riffs and the band’s layered intricate sound had something Gothic about it, making it more accesssible to a nonmetal audience with songs like ‘Laura’, ‘Foolish’ and ‘Monster’. A moody, riotous sound. The band is Asuka(vocals), Hode and Aikiho (guitars), Taki (bass) and Vern (drums). Good to see that this band is getting more exposure on the Hong Kong scene.
Raymond K

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Performances by Misery: