Natural City


Live Review from Underground 36:

It was great to see Jon on stage again. This is the third time I have seen him play live (never with his other half) and part of me thinks I will never think of Natural City as anything but Jon, his harmonica, and his guitar. He really has a rare sweet voice (for a man) reminiscent of Turin Brakes or James. It is a shame most rock shows start off with the acoustic act, but Jon has lots of spirit and it is to his credit that he went on despite the small crowd. Jon manages to get a full sound out of his guitar and does play as if he were backed by a rock band, which creates a nice contrast to his sweet voice.


Live Review from Underground 23:
It takes a lot to shift my rugby head in 7’s/10’s week, but Underground 23 did just that (not to mention that ATV are filming a special)
The Underground background CD mood-sets the bar with Going Underground by The Jam and Holidays in Cambodia by the Dead Kennedys. Recent Underground’s have begun with an acoustic set (it works for The Grateful Dead, so why not?) Natural City (Jon and Kazuhiro) chill out with some homegrown licks (reminiscent of most of the Sarah label’s back catalogue, Nick Drake, hints of Tir-Na-Nog and alternative Americana folk apocalyptics Lift To Experience. Willem, the photographer extraordinaire, says “John Mayall on valium” so something for everyone to enjoy.
Nick Lovatt

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Performances by Natural City: